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Knott's Touring Plans

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    Re: Knott's Touring Plans

    Thanks Aashee, I value your thoughts! I can probably skip the Ferris Wheel, but I left it on since I recall going on it when my son was tiny. Plus, aside from the sky cabin, it's a rare chance to gaze out across Orange County in a slow-moving vehicle. The ends of each list are there in case of need them, but for no other reason than that. You can tell I'm a Disney fan, as I get the coasters out of the way, then hit the themed attractions next.

    I'm also open to any insight on ride order, should it differ from above. I would not normally go on Spring break, but it's my only window to get to Knott's until December.


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      Re: Knott's Touring Plans

      I would start at Ghost Rider, then Silver Bullet, Pony Express. Then march through Camp Snoopy to Zoom and Jaguar, possible stopping for the Grand Sierra and Ferris Wheel. From Jaguar I would go up the midway to Xcelluator and Boom, past Supreme Scream. From there, thur Ghost town, with possible stops a Log ride, Mine Ride, Calico Railroad and stage coach. Then on to Pony Express, and Big Foot.

      There is but a small possibility that Sky Cabin and Perilous Plunge will be open.

      They started digging up the front entrance plaza today. Power for the new ride is coming from some where by Ghost Rider. If you end up coming in the Western entrance just reverse the order and start with Pony express as it is just in side that entrance.

      You can expect this to take most of the day.
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        Re: Knott's Touring Plans

        Super, Rick, thank you. It makes sense to me that I would want to address rides in the area geared toward younger folks earlier than later. That Western entrance is news to me, so I'll seriously consider that, too. I did get a cheap room at Knott's Resort Hotel, so I'll likely stick with the main entrance and follow your suggested plan. As long as I get on the classic Bud Hurlbut rides, I'll be satisfied. THe park is open 10 to 10, so if I'm rearing to go at rope drop, and hustle, I will hammer out as much as I can, then relax and enjoy the details. Theme park touring is not for the faint of heart! Now, if only I could speed up the month to make my visit closer. Cheers.


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          Re: Knott's Touring Plans

          I would suggest riding Sierra Sidewinder pretty early in the day ... it has a low capacity and it does get crowded.

          This is how I would do your day, trying not to go in circles too much.

          Sierra Sidewinder
          Silver Bullet
          Log Ride/Mine Train
          Pony Express
          BigFoot Rapids
          Camp Snoopy Stuff
          Montezooma's Revenge
          Tour Ghost Town

          Repeat what you want to


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            Re: Knott's Touring Plans

            Now I've got some thinking to do! Well, I know for sure that I'll be doing Ghostrider first. Considering the layout of the park, eliminating backtracking is crucial. Any idea if there is much of a major rush to Xcelerator?


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              Re: Knott's Touring Plans

              You should be good at Xcelerator for about 30-45 minutes (also considering it doesn't always open with the park).

              Knott's suffers from "Front to Back" syndrome meaning that the rides in the front will get pretty long lines early (Ghostrider, Sierra Sidewinder, Silver Bullet) while those in the back will take awhile to get longer lines.

              If you can get on Ghostrider/Sierra Sidewinder/Silver Bullet within the first 30-45 minutes of the park being open you will be set.


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                Re: Knott's Touring Plans

                That sounds great to me. I can't wait! Now, back to food suggestions...


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                  Re: Knott's Touring Plans

                  No Supreme Scream for you?

                  I understand flat rides aren't your thing, but do pop over to the carousel just to take a look at it. An old fashioned Dentzel is a beautiful thing.

                  Food-wise, you'll have to exit the park and go for the Chicken Dinner Restaurant at some point. The original dinner is so good and filling. I order my fried chicken with rhubarb in order to get the full geek experience. And the biscuits are sooooo good too.

                  Enjoy the boysenberry baked goods, but I still lean towards the park's chocolate chip cookies made every day by their own California Marketplace bakery.


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                    Re: Knott's Touring Plans

                    Ok, you talked me into Supreme Scream! With Maliboomer gone, and this being a better ride in my humble opinion, I think I’ll add it to the plan. I’m still toying with the idea of Rip Tide, as well, since it is a unique attraction with a clever water element. Anyone have any experience with this ride? I know the significance of that Carousel, so even if I don’t ride, I’ll take some time to admire.

                    I’ll be lining up for a very early dinner, probably around 4, on Saturday night, April 16th, so hopefully that will ease my way in, though I am sure it is always crowded. Of course I’m going for the Rhubarb, and nothing goes better with that chicken. I am, of course, a fan of pie in general, much more than cake, and the Cordelia’s boysenberry is the tops. The cookies would be new to me, and I’ll add them to my list. It’s a good thing, I’m going to be criss-crossing the park all day on Sunday!

                    As an actor myself, I’m always a fan of streetmosphere. My past visits to Knott’s were filled with strolling cowboys and saloon girls and impromptu musical performances on porches. Has Cedar Fair kept most of that ambience intact?


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                      Re: Knott's Touring Plans

                      The flat rides at Knott's (other than La Revolucion) don't really get long rides and can be done pretty much anytime during the day.

                      I would just ride Supreme Scream when you go back to ride Xcelerator.


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                        Re: Knott's Touring Plans

                        Sounds good to me. Is it april 16th yet?!!! I'm getting antsy. Ok, back to grad school admission counseling I go. Sigh. Oooh, my copy of Knott's Preserved is on the shelf...