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Who will be in the Hanging 2011?


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  • [Chat] Who will be in the Hanging 2011?

    Here is my predictions for celebrities/movies/tv shows/music/popular figures that will be appearing in this year's hanging.

    -Rebecca Black
    -Kobe Bryant
    -Lady Gaga
    -Green lantern
    -Captain America
    -Cars 2
    -Amy Winehouse (tasteless but for sure)
    -Charlie Sheen (Winning...duh!)
    -Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    -Linsday Lohan
    -Barack Obama
    -Joe Biden
    -Michelle Bachman
    -Fast and Furious

    Don't let me have all the fun. What do you predict?

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    Re: Who will be in the Hanging 2011?

    I think they should make fun of the d23 convention


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      Re: Who will be in the Hanging 2011?

      lol d 23.

      i think charlie sheen is going to be the event for the hanging.


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        Re: Who will be in the Hanging 2011?

        Originally posted by lighttragic View Post
        I think they should make fun of the d23 convention
        Not really annoying enough. It's just a convention center but I agree it wasn't that great.

        AUTOPIA: Fan Since 1991


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          Ch. Sheen of course, but great opportunity for Matt O!

          D23, because they have to make fun of something Disney after the show-stealing Knott's version of the World of Color last year, and the great Murphy the dragon appearance the year before. Or maybe they'll make fun of the seemingly never-ending construction. Or of Disney's awkward ownership of Hulk. Or of DVC sales. Or of Walt Disney World still getting its butt kicked by Universal's Harry Potter and building only a less impressive Fantasyland in response. Or the Little Mermaid ride with her giant orange, ice cream cone hair.

          Or Knott's/Cedar Fair getting Disneyland's great former president, Matt Ouimet. It would be a great start if, "before" one of the shows, preferably the first one to help publicize the Hanging, if Matt walked out (actually him), introduced himself and then got "killed" while talking! And then his corpse was dragged off. That appreciation for his new company's greatest event would make him an instant legend--at least among thousands of Knott's bigest fans. Make sure Fishy is there to photograph it that night, and that a Youtube video shows his murder with the replayed slow motion, Nancy Kerriganesque "Whyyyyyyy!" and his splitting out and blood from different angles. And interview him before and after. For many folks in theme park & media rich Southern California, he might become America's theme park wild, creative & unpredictable leader, worth keeping an eye on--willing to do anything to promote his underdog Knott's.

          --Tom Sinsky

          Green Lantern (loser) vs. Captain America (cool), Kung Fu Panda, congress & Obama with the budget & national debt, Arnold and his newly revealed son and Arnold's stupid & awful "I survived Maria" T-shirt, the 405 closing, apes taking over, Trump, LeBron James, the McCourts & their divorce, Charlie Sheen (the only absolute certainty), Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry, the latter of whom will turn out to be W. Bush, Post-Potter Daniel Radcliffe, Angry Birds killing Smurfs, Lady Gaga.

          How cool would it be if the real Charlie Sheen or Arnold came on stage to be "killed" for one show? I can't stand those guys any more, but even I would like them, if only for an instant.
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            Re: Who will be in the Hanging 2011?

            Charlie Sheen and Tot Mom are my predictions
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              Re: Who will be in the Hanging 2011?

              They will have to have a scene of Captain Jack, being attacked by a mermaid, specifical, Ariel. Only this time Ariel reveals herself to also be also part vampire, and part Spiderman, who once gave her a hickey and gave Ariel web spinning abilities which she used to capture Captain Jack, and suck all the life out of him, as well as the entire pirates 4th movie

              Ariel will then go on to be the evil villlain as shown in trailers for next years Avengers movie, where she will retain a love interest in Spiderman and entice him into her lair, thus moving Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, and Ironman to rescue spiderman from her clutches.
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