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8/31/2011 - Cedar Point (picture heavy)

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  • Trip Report 8/31/2011 - Cedar Point (picture heavy)

    It started off as a gray drizzly morning. The first thing I did was walk around to see where everything was and take advantage of rides with a good view.

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    The Frontier Trail, the best themed area of the park and the one place where you don't feel overwhelmed by giant roller coasters:

    While the Wave Swinger is very pretty, it's hard to get excited about one that is at ground level after Silly Symphony Swings at Disney California Adventure which is on an elevated platform overlooking Paradise Bay.

    They have a nice train that goes around the Frontier Town area, about the back 1/3 of the park.

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    This was interesting. I think it was called Bone Town. Old west vignettes along the train tracks featuring animated skeletons. Disneyland should take a hint, there are some very bland stretches of the Disneyland Railroad that could use a little something (namely Adventureland and the backstage stretch between Toontown and Tomorrowland).

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    The view from the Space Spiral:

    <a href="" target="_blank">

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    The view from the Giant Wheel:

    Toward downtown Sandusky:

    The Windseeker. There were very insistent about no cameras on that.

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    Top Thrill Dragster. Uh, thanks, but no thanks.

    Paddlewheel Excursions. A nice little old-fashioned, slightly corny, change-of-pace ride that the whole family can enjoy. Unfortunately, they said it was closing forever after the Labor Day weekend, so it is gone by now.

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    The Town Hall Museum:

    Oooooooo ..... I want one!!!!!

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    A model of the Mean Streak, an old fashioned wooden roller coaster. Be forewarned: unlike the Gemini which has a wooden structure but modern tubular rails, the Mean Streak has the old style flat rails and is very bumpy. In fact I got a headache from the extreme bumpiness and had to go sit down for a while and have a beer. Yeah, for medicinal purposes, that's it.

    I forgot to mention that the sun came out in the afternoon (as seen in the pictures above).

    After the museum, I put the camera and other loose items in a locker and rode some of the thrill rides for most of the afternoon, namely (in no particular order):

    Iron Dragon
    Cedar Creek Mine Ride
    Mean Streak
    Magnum XL-200
    Disaster Transport

    After that, as dusk approached. I want back to taking pictures.

    Another trip on the Space Spiral.

    Once more on the Sky Ride.

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    These are a little blurry, being from a moving bucket in the dark.

    Starlight Experience. I wasn't sure if they were going to do this, since the general description said it was only when they were open until 10 or later and they were closing at 9.

    While I like the concept, I was a bit disappointed in the execution. Most of it doesn't look much better than a lot of the Christmas light displays you see on houses all over southern California. You could see most of the lights on the trees and buildings during the daytime, the one flaw in the Frontier Trail theming.

    They had one of those soap suds snow flake machines. Yes, that's right, one. At Disneyland, for the holidays, they put them all over main Street, the Central Plaza, Small World mall, and the Frontierland riverfront and Cedar Point has only one.
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    Re: 8/31/2011 - Cedar Point (picture heavy)

    Love Cedar Point, thanks for all the pics!
    Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?


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      Re: 8/31/2011 - Cedar Point (picture heavy)

      That left me all the way in the back of the park shortly before closing, so I got on the last train trip forward. The train doesn't go all the way to the front of the park, but it saved a good deal of walking after a long day. I tried to get a few shots of bone Town at night, but that didn't work so well.

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      Well, as soon as the train pulled into the station, it started to rain. I had to walk the rest of the way out and into the parking lot in the rain and got soaking wet.

      Anyways, it was a fun day.


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        Re: 8/31/2011 - Cedar Point (picture heavy)

        Thanks so much for sharing!


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          Thank you, Ron! Very good pictures!
          I also like the Frontier Trail area. It's nice when theme parks have sections that look like parks,
          like along the water under the Hungry Bear restaurant at Disneyland.

          Knott's has some trees in parts of Camp Snoopy, but I'd like to see some of the carnival games replaced with big shady trees and benches.


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            Re: 8/31/2011 - Cedar Point (picture heavy)

            This was a great post!

            Growing up in Michigan, our family made the drive to Cedar Point many years. It appears not to have changed much, which is great, because it was always well-themed and clean.
            I do believe the train runs thru "Boneyville", at least that was the name it had while I was growing up. I always liked the river excursions, because they reminded me of Disney World.
            I miss the Funhouse, Pirate Ride and Earthquake (the latter two being excellent dark rides). Hard to find photos of them anymore.
            Like you, my last visit (in the 90's) ended in a torrential downpour and my friend and I were running blindly thru the huge parking lot, in very heavy rain.

            My memories of CP include that long drive on the causeway out to the 'island', and if it was foggy, you could see the tops of the coasters rising out of the clouds and being scared of heights, it always gave me chills.



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              Re: 8/31/2011 - Cedar Point (picture heavy)

              I used to work at Cedar point in the 90's, man has it changed. It's nice to see that they still have a lot of their original rides!!! Thanks for sharing!
              Foolish Mortal