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Alternate endings in The Hanging? (Warning, SPOILERS)


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  • [Question] Alternate endings in The Hanging? (Warning, SPOILERS)

    We went Oct 1, and The Hanging was phenomenal..funny beginning to end, but the show was different from this year's You Tube posts we are watching. We had Charlie Sheen come out right at the end and hang himself..he was no where in the show until then. Then the stage went black, no pyro, and someone said "what happened." The 128 hours guy tried to cover. On You Tube, Rebecca Black gets hung but Charlie Sheen has a lot of jokes thru the show. In our show Jack Sparrow did those jokes. Does anyone know if our show had a glitch? Or do they do different shows on purpose?
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    Re: Alternate endings in The Hanging? (Warning, SPOILERS)

    I think the show was purposley rewritten.

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    Heres the video of the new ending. Notice that no one punches Rebecca Black.

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      Re: Alternate endings in The Hanging? (Warning, SPOILERS)

      Someone probably got offended by the fact that they're hanging an underage Orange County resident.
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        Re: Alternate endings in The Hanging? (Warning, SPOILERS)

        Sucks...well they kill her at Horror nights at least
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          Re: Alternate endings in The Hanging? (Warning, SPOILERS)

          NOOOOOO!!! Black deserved it more! :P

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            They often rewrite parts of the hanging throughout the month. Depending on audience reaction, and various cease and desist orders, things get cut or altered. A while back - i think it was when the freddie vs jason movie came out - the hanging was supposed to heavily feature both characters, and a week or two into haunt, universal issued a cease and desist order since they owned those characters. They had to totally alter the show and the dialog for the rest of the month. Sucks, cause freddy was the best part of the hanging.


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              Re: Alternate endings in The Hanging? (Warning, SPOILERS)

              Yeah, you probably shouldn't "hang" a 13-year-old girl. Not a good idea.
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                Re: Alternate endings in The Hanging? (Warning, SPOILERS)

                i think its silly they changed it.... the entire show is SATIRE

                plus, i dont' remember anyone throwing a stink when they hanged Justin Bieber when he was still a minor
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                  Re: Alternate endings in The Hanging? (Warning, SPOILERS)

                  SO! Even though this has more or less been answered, I thought I'd give you a more from the source answer as I work in Entertainment at KBF.

                  The original hanging featured the hanging of Rebecca Black, and had Charlie Sheen elsewhere throughout the show. After about the first week or so, apparently RB's parents had seen/heard of the show and requested that we change the material so that we were not "harming her" in any way (punching, kicking, hanging). They did let us use her and the music though, which I guess was nice of them. So, the show was re-written with the Charlie Sheen ending. Boo.


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