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Knotts Scary Farm Review!!!!


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  • [Question] Knotts Scary Farm Review!!!!

    This being my second year to the event I can say this time was much better....we went on a Thursday meaning less lines an that helped alot making the event much better because of the lack of lines and less people flooding the walkways.

    Here's my little Tribute
    Knotts Scary Farm 2011 Tribute - YouTube

    Lets go with my list of least favorite to my # 1 Maze

    Fallout Shelter - I'm a huge fan of the idea of Vaults (love the game Fallout 3) but the maze was just not that scary (and the 3d sucked) just an ok maze.

    Invasion Beneath - TO be fair I liked this year 10000 time more than last year and I did enjoy the ride but it was not really scary but still worth a 15 min for anyone I'd say

    Dia De Los Muertos - I do like all the animatonic's they use on this ride and it feels like a walk through dark ride but just not scary once again this year

    Virus Z - A cool idea and all (also somewhere on this maze might be the best hiding spot of them all) but just not one of my top favorite mazes

    Uncle Bobos - Fun and some good scarys in this sideshow attraction and once again its like a dark ride walkthrough

    Doll Factory - This one had one guy get me real good....the girls just can never scary me that much....dont know why but if I had to be stuck in ally with a girls that was flexible or a guy with a knife....yeah the first option to me would not be bad

    Slaughterhouse - MUCH better than last year for me.....i do hate all those hanging chains though (they hurt if they fly in your face) but ten times better than last year for me

    Delirium - I liked this one sooo much more than Club Blood....i liked near the end the devils area, the guy on the chair would have got me good if I had not seen the chair empty the first time we went on...but still a welcome improvement from last year

    Endgames - The last of the three new Mazes, the music was LOUD and I liked the layout. I hope they keep this one and make it even better next year

    Terror of London - I love the atmosphere, music and story for this maze. Might not e the scariest but I still love this maze

    Lockdown - I liked this one better from last year too, we went on this first thing and the actors were at the top of there was great

    Sleepy Hollow Mountain - I just love this ride sooo much...heck I love log rides and it has a theme I love (Sleepy Hollow) and they just got this ride to be scarier than last year and for me its easily tied for #1

    Also heres my full ride through Knotts Scary Farm 2011 Sleepy Hollow Log Ride - YouTube

    Cornstalkers - From I hear this is the last year for this maze and I'll miss has been my favorite for two years in a just feels good to me. I like how they have animatonics and live actors...and it just feels like your going through a corn field.

    Besides doing all the mazes (a few of them twice) we also saw the last ten mins of the Hanging..and rode Windseeker (the longest wait of the night), Silver Bullet (I liked this ride a lot), xcelerator was fun (less scary then I thought but fun) and pony express (WAY too short)

    I would say if I had to go to Knotts or Universal (only one) I would go to Knotts.....I walked on every Maze but one.....most rides were 20 mins (or less) and we just did A LOT more than at universal and i would say the scarezones are better at Knotts and the actors interact more with guests (give high fives...take peoples maps...wait out side restrooms for them)

    Look out for my Six Flags Review in a week or too telling you if Fright Nights is worth your hard earned cash
    Happy Halloween!!!

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    Re: Knotts Scary Farm Review!!!!

    Seeing as we went on the same day, which maze did you have to wait for? All of mine were walk-ons, including the mine ride and the log ride but I did those both in the first thirty minutes or so. And I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking Sleepy Hollow Mountain was the best this year.

    However, I totally gotta disagree with choosing one and it being Knotts! Yes, there's a lot more guest interactivity but it's too inconsistent for me and there's no scare tactics that deal with the actual maze setting itself. It is ALWAYS people just popping out of dark corners and slamming their hand on the wall, which doesn't have much to do with what you're going through. I feel the scares at Universal are appropriate to the maze you're within instead of a random startle, making it a much scarier experience. But yeah, as much as I love the interaction at Knotts, I go for the scares and Universal delivers those much better. Don't know when you went to Universal but you can definitely do everything there, easily, but we've talked about that in other threads


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      Re: Knotts Scary Farm Review!!!!

      ^corn stockers had a 5 min wait ONE of the times we went on it...the second time we walked on (that was at 12:00 AM)

      Last year I had more fun at Universal.....but this year....w liked Knotts more as a group....we liked how people interacted with universal they just take it soo serious and many times just jump at you and move on to the next person.

      NOT waiting in line for everything makes it better too.......I mean sure we only wait like 15 mins or less for the stuff at Universal BUT we only wait over 5 mins for RIDES at Knotts and ALL of those rides I had never been on before (have an AP to Universal so I've been on JP and the Mummy over 5o times easy)

      While I'll agree Universal Mazes are much more "Disney" quality....the maze lay out were about the same for the last three years...and with only 7 mazes (one being the normal maze thats always open) the scarys we're predictable for me anyway since I last year we went 4 times.....But hey next year I might feel different but this year I enjoyed my self at Knotts more and they got me scared more...and there is over 3 times as many things to this year I give it to them.
      Happy Halloween!!!


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