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  • [Fun] Knott's Tips

    Some Knott's tips:
    Bring some frozen water bottles because beverages are even more expensive than they are at our beloved Disneyland.
    Ride the Pony Express first and if no crowd is there yet and the employees will let you stay on, ride it around twice. (It's so short, it should take everyone around twice--then it's a very good ride.)
    Ride the train; beware of robbers.
    Ride the Stagecoach.
    The bumper cars are not too slow for 10-year-olds and their parents.
    Ride Windseeker in the day and again at night during Disneyland's fireworks.
    In my opinion, Mystery Lodge has aged surprisingly well.
    If it's hot and you see the western stunt show in the outdoor theatre, sit in a covered wagon or--if they're full--sit in the spash area near the stage.
    If there is an extreme wheels stunt show, see it as early in the summer as possible. The athletes are amazing, but they are not actors and are unable to fake their enthusiasm as the summer moves into July and August.
    See the saloon show in the summer. They have two funny can-can dancers in the show during the summer that might make you miss Disney's pre-Eisner Golden and Diamond Horseshoe Revues.
    Jaguar is a great, first, big coaster for kids.
    Accelerator is a nice, last, big coaster for aging adults.

    Here's a controversial suggestion I only recommend for holders of Knott's (reasonably priced!) Season Passes who live within an hour of Knott's: save on parking by making shorter, more frequent visits. You may park for free for three hours close to (and SE of) the park entrance just past TGIF. So come for the first three hours, then drive away for a better, more reasonably priced lunch (Souplantation, Mimi's) on your way to the beach or a movie in Downtown Disney (with AMC tickets from Costco), and maybe return to Knott's for three more hours later in the day for its less crowded attractions.

    Knott's Season Pass might be the best theme park deal in S. Cal.

    Return for Christmas and enjoy the small stage shows in Birdcage Theater. My daughter enjoyed the Christmas parade where guest kid marchers (who've rehearsed) add a charming small town-like feel. Snoopy on Ice shows range from good to excellent.

    Season passes don't include the phenomonal, transcendent Halloween Scary Farm , which you must experience. (Visit that in late Sept. for shorter lines and fresher monsters.) The Hanging is an insightful chronicle of our times; stand in the "slash area" near the stage.

    Thank you, Miceage, for continuing to lobby :beg:for
    western music that matches Knott's large Ghost Town! Maybe General Manager Raffi Kaprelyanis is being paid off by Disney to have this one glaring, audience-insulting flaw that helps make this Cedar Fair park inferior to Disney. It's unfortunate that this is one of the things he will be most well-known for; he's apparently dug in. I'm disappointed that Matt Ouimet doesn't intervene. I still love Knott's though, and I'm glad to read about all of the improvements to a park my daughter, wife and I already loved a year ago. UPDATE: THE GHOST TOWN MUSIC HAS BEEN IMPROVED AND BETTER FITS THE WESTERN THEME.

    Hope some of the tips are helpful!
    Please add more.

    --Tom Sinsky
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    Re: Knott's Tips

    Great tips indeed.

    If you go there, only drink boysenberry punch. It's a rare treat you don't see anywhere else!


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      Re: Knott's Tips

      The continued use of theme-inappropriate music in Ghost Town is truly unfortunate and demonstrates a somewhat frightening lack of understanding on the part of park management. I really don't get why they are being so boneheaded about it.


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        Re: Knott's Tips

        Log Ride closes every January for a yearly maint rehab. its really slow in jan but thats a sacrifice you will have to do if you go in jan

        i actually wished they would have been playing modern music when i was working there. i go to amusement parks for rides and thrills. anything so i didnt have to hear god awful country music when they were doing line dancing at calico square lol
        Snootch to the Nooch!!!!


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          Re: Knott's Tips

          Originally posted by redrocker View Post
          i actually wished they would have been playing modern music when i was working there. i go to amusement parks for rides and thrills. anything so i didnt have to hear god awful country music when they were doing line dancing at calico square lol
          <sigh> Well, it looks like Knott's has successfully repositioned itself, at least if this post is any indication. Even their website has been changed. The header used to read "America's 1st theme park!" Now it reads "California's best amusement park!"
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            Re: Knott's Tips

            Had to see it for myself:

            "Looking for California’s best amusement park? Look no further than Knott’s Berry Farm. One of the best amusement parks in California, if not the best amusement park in California. Take into account all that Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer: the 301-foot-tall WindSeeker. Ghost Town. The one minute, 30 seconds of head-over-heels fun of Boomerang. For the kids, there’s always Camp Snoopy. Take a ride on the Calico Railroad. For water fun, there’s Bigfoot Rapids. And let’s not forget why Knott’s Berry Farm is California’s best amusement park–Boysenberry Pie and famous chicken dinner. Come Halloween, you’ll see why Knott’s is the best amusement park in California, because it’s when Knott’s Berry Farm turns into Knott’s Scary Farm. Where during the day Camp Spooky takes the stage, and ghouls and zombies rule the night. Just a few reasons it’s California’s best amusement park. Knott’s Berry Farm."


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              Re: Knott's Tips

              Below is the part of a Micechat interview where Raffi explains his thinking on Ghost Town's music from the 1980s. I wonder, does he believe that Disneyland's guests on Main Street are less happy hearing carefully chosen, theme-appropriate music?

              MC: okay, one last question. What is going on with the music? You have Ace of Base playing in Ghost Town and music that just doesn't fit. Our fans would kill me if I didn't tell you that we don't like that.

              RAFFI: (Laughs) Okay, Okay, that's me, that was all me. You know, there is a reason.

              MC: We figured there had to be a reason, but we just don't get it.

              RAFFI: It's something I came across when I went up to Canada's Wonderland. When I got to that park, as you recall, it was owned by Paramount. They had area music playing from Paramount films. It gave the park a really dull feel. We decided to address the situation. We looked at music from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. We picked music that was upbeat and happy and we started playing it and it had a tremendous effect. The new music we used there gave the park and the employees and even the guests a sort of, psychological lift. We could walk around the park and spot people here and there dancing along to the music.

              When I came back to Knott's I wanted to give the same boost of happiness to the park. I used the technique that works so well for me at Canada's Wonderland.

              MC: But why not use thematically appropriate music in the different areas. Country music in Ghost Town, Latino rhythms in Fiesta Village, things like that?

              RAFFI: You are a theme guy, I get it, I understand. But I am very interested in making people happy. At Knott's, when people come through the gates they want to escape, they want happiness. The music may not fit thematically, but people react to it. They are happy.


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                Re: Knott's Tips

                (Maybe some of the Knott's tips on this thread will help those looking for other deals after Disneyland's dramatic May 20 price increases. I like Disneyland even more than I like Knott's, but we did enjoy many Knott's visits while we had our inexpensive Knott's Season Passes.)


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