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Big People At Knott's Berry Farm


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  • [Question] Big People At Knott's Berry Farm

    My 21 year old brother and I are planning a visit to California in February next year.

    I have heard rumors stating that bigger people can't go on rides at Knotts Berry Farm.

    I am 5'8 and about 295 pounds.

    Can anyone tell me about their experiences of going to Knott's Berry Farm and rides they could and could not get on?

    Should me and my brother miss going to Knott's Berry Farm altogether?

    Thank you

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    Re: Big People At Knott's Berry Farm

    You may have some issues at Knott's.

    Xcelerator, La Revolucion: Almost certainly out. At my biggest (6'1"/260) I couldn't fit on La Revlucion and could barely get on Xcelerator.
    Silver Bullet: Like Magic Mountain they have a big boy seat
    Montezooma's Revenge: May be tight, but should be ok
    Ghostrider, Sierra Sidewinder, Pony Express: Will be very tight fits, but should be ok
    Log Ride, Mine Train, Boomerang, Bigfoot Rapids, Train, etc: You should be ok on all

    Everything else you should be ok on.


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      Re: Big People At Knott's Berry Farm

      I'm 6'4" and 295 pounds. Everything there is accessible to me EXCEPT Excelerator.
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