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Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews


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  • [Chat] Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

    I encountered many wonderful Knott's employees tonight. We took a break to drink some bottled waters we brought with us, and a sweeper approached us to let us know that any location serving beverages would be happy to give is free iced waters. We later got free ice water a couple of times, and the cups were regular sized, not the 7 ounce ones some fast food chains sometimes give you.

    I hope someone posts one thread where Micechatters can vote & comment on our favorite mazes and another thread/poll where we can vote on and comment on our favorite shows. (Spoiler alerts for the Hanging, please.) I'd like to read your reviews.

    I liked Ed Alonzo, but I don't need to see him every year like the Hanging. My wife didn't appreciate Ed's dancers as much as I did.

    Mazes: I loved Pinocchio Unstrung, Dominion of the Dead, and (from last year) Delirium and old favorites: Uncle Bob's Bigtop, Virus Z, Terror of London, and Dia de los Merotos. D'oh, I forgot Fallout Shelter, and skipped Endgames, Trick or Treat, the Evil Dead Log Ride, Trapped, and (my least favorite in past visits) Slaughterhouse. Unfortunately I missed too many mazes this year to feel qualified to vote for which ones were the best. I didn't feel like I wasn't a VIP because I skipped Trapped or Trick or Treat with it's $10 treat option. (How was that?) I didn't even notice the exterior of Trapped.

    Thank you, Knott's, for continuing to charge only $1 for 3D glasses for the 3D mazes.

    Maybe not the best Hanging I've seen, but that because my memory is combining the three previous shows I've seen into one supershow of the past. It seems like they now. . .
    . . . feel too obligated to get as many of the most popular movies & hit songs into the show as possible, and at times they didn't even seem to enjoy these parodies. John Travolta's opening seemed inspired, as did Mitt Romney's attempt to woo women voters with his dance number, but maybe this show should try to be a little less painting by numbers (Do they still have painting by numbers, btw?), and maybe get a little weirder and scarier next year. And where was the good-natured Disneyland attack? I was hoping for a Luigi's Tires drive by. I liked the stunts and the bloody deaths behind the screen segment.

    I thought the Pre-scare Boo-fet was excellent! Definitely the fastest moving lines I've been in in four years. Thanks, Knott's food division. All the food was delicious, especially the meats, and my wife and our friend who had never been to the Scary Farm were impressed. (It was my wife's first ever visit to Knott's and she's now looking forward to returning in the day to ride the often-robbed train, the stagecoach, Mystery Lodge, the summer version of the saloon show, etc.)

    I loved many of the monsters, clowns, zombies and vampires I encountered! It's so obvious that many of them are not doing this for the money. Well except perhaps for the weirdly attractive vampire prostitute, though she just wanted blood, not money. Nice of her to lavish so much attention on a middle-aged guy. And her Shakespearean vampire friend showed real commitment as he followed my wife and her friend for most of the length of Camp Snoopy. (I assume Snoopy and Charlie Brown had been eaten earlier in the evening.) I once read on Micechat that going to the Haunt early (in Sept.) was better because in addition to shorter line, the monsters were fresher and still excited about the event.

    The crowd was well behaved. I saw one teen try to skip ahead, and Knott's security was instantly and professionally upon him explaining why this was bad behavior.

    Windseeker was closed.

    So glad Knott's no longer has loud people hawking overpriced beer. That was my least favorite thing at this event two or three years ago. Overcharging for beer inside of this event is (I think) an excellent move, btw. If fact, I didn't see anyone drinking. Was alcohol even sold?
    We did enjoy having one reasonably-priced beer at TGIFs across from the entrance before going to the buffet. Under $6 each (consumed in a comfy booth), and the Blue Moon came in a chilled glass with a nice, big orange slice in it. And my wife liked her Newcastle.

    I saw two kids in different families, both about 8 or 9, who seemed traumatized by monsters. One was at the Pre-Scare Boo-fet where the macho dad threateningly told the monster "Stay away from the kid!" after the monster just did his job and startled the kid during the meal in the well-lit room. I wonder how this dad reacted when this happened again about 50-100 times in darker sections of the park. The girl was crying and shaking for quite a while after this monstrous encounter. Similar to the reaction I saw from (a 3rd grader?) in the park hugging her mom in a monster zone, looking genuinely upset. Thankfully, I saw very few kids under 13.

    Thank you Knott's for keeping your restrooms (at least the mens rooms) so clean during this event. Seriously, I love clean restrooms, and each of the four (?) times I used one it was very clean. People may have been inspired to keep it clean because employees were frequently in them working hard. This might be TMI, but my wife said that like all public women's restrooms, some of the stalls were not. . . let's leave it at that. Hey, I'm a former janitor. I always feel qualified to comment in this area.

    How engaging is Knott's Scary Farm? I only noticed several people on their cell phones all night. That was wonderfully freaky in 2012. I guess one is less likely to use a phone if it increases the likelihood of being attacked. We need more monsters roaming around all public areas every day just for this reason. The world would seem so much more polite.
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    Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

    Great Review Jcruise!

    I too also enjoyed the Haunt this year. I love how some of the food locations have already pre-filled several water cups on hands knowing a lot of people would keep asking for water. I will never buy a 4 dollars water bottle. With that money I can buy a whole case of water bottles.

    The buffet was okay for me. It took nearly 30 mins to get seated once I arrived at the gate to check-in (probably it was the first day). Some of the chickens were too dry. When I went they didn't have any hot sauces or ketchup. I love eating my food spicy.

    Out of the three new mazes, I like the Pinocchio one. The Trick or treat was pretty cool, but was too short.

    As for the Hanging, wasn't that good at all. My favorite was during Batman, Bane and Stallone scene.

    I think as the year goes by the maze seems to get a lot better almost up to Universal standard.

    There wasn't a lot of Magic tricks going in the Ed Alonzo show.

    For those who are planning on eating the pre-scare dinner and was wondering what they serve during the pre-scare dinner, I have recorded a little tour of the buffet.

    <span style="font-family: arial"><font color="#333333">

    <span style="font-family: arial"><font color="#333333">

    Plus more on my channel.
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      Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

      I went on opening night (best time to go to Haunt because it's the least crowded), making this my 5th Haunt.

      Slaughterhouse - First maze of the night! The layout has been changed so many times, and now I feel like Knott's isn't sure what to do with it. Its layout is crammed, there's virtually no queue, and it's just kind of boring to me now. I wouldn't mind seeing this gone next year. 5/10

      Uncle Bobo's
      - This is another case where the layout was changed in a way that doesn't work in favor of the maze. There wasn't an emphasis on the Amazing Thingy anymore, and I didn't even see it! The talent is always funny and I love this maze, but I think it's time for a new clown maze. 6/10

      Pinocchio Unstrung -
      I'm SO happy Doll Factory was replaced by a maze that actually lives up to its predecessor. PU was AMAZING. The sets were beautiful, talent was ON IT, and there were so many scares. Loved the moving cage part - I almost fell over! I hope to see this maze here for a while. 10/10

      Terror of London -
      It feels shorter this year, but the set design and talent is amazing as always. I love this maze so much. 9/10

      Trick or Treat -
      I was bummed because for having such a long line, this maze did not live up to the hype I expected, which is sad because it has SO much potential. The sets are beautiful, the concept is unique, the talent is great, it's just that the maze feels rushed and WAY too short. The scene at the end TERRIFIED ME. I'm excited to see TOT next year and hopefully it'll be more expanded. 6/10

      Endgames -
      I'm a Fallout nerd, so I LOVE this maze. It's such a clever idea and is always well-executed. I wish the final scene was more theatrical and climatic, because throughout the whole maze we're hyped up about seeing the "arena". THANK YOU for relocating this and expanding it! 8/10

      Dominion of the Dead -
      Goodness, what a gorgeous maze. Everything is flawless and I am so in love with it. I wish it was a little longer, but other than that, AMAZING. 9/10

      Delirium -
      I feel like this maze is just a bunch of stuff thrown together in hopes that it's "surreal". Tongue-wall, claustrophobia, voodoo priestesses, bugs, huh? I get terrified and just don't really enjoy this maze at all. I know it will stay for a long time though, but I will avoid it like the plague. 2/10

      Virus Z -
      LOVE Virus Z! The talent in here is always the best. The set design is a little wonky ("high school" sign leads to a classroom, then an office, and then the gym finale) but I really love this maze. The ending felt rushed and our Carrie was boring. All she did was stand and point. She could've done something like turn her head quickly at someone and target one specific person, I feel like that would make it scarier. 7/10

      Evil Dead -
      Man, I was SO excited for this. I LOVE the series and was hoping for an all-out spectacle. Nope. It seemed so rushed and quickly put together last-minute. It was cool seeing some scenes from the movie, but really, come on. You have SO much to work with in that area and Knott's completely missed it. We counted two actors, including Ash. Major disappointment. I hope it's more well thought-out in the future.

      We didn't do Dia de los Muertos or Fallout Shelter because those two are just not good and need to be gone.

      Ed Alonzo's Funhouse -Yes! YES! YEEEEES! I LOVE ED ALONZO! He's hilarious and talented and I love his show sooo much. His humor took my friends by surprise and I loved watching their reactions to some of his jokes. I wish there was more of an emphasis on his magic rather than his girls dancing.

      We only caught the ending of the Hanging Games. Good pick for a victim this year!

      Overall, Knott's 40th seemed a little "meh" to me. A lot of the new mazes weren't as good as they were hyped up to be, but some BROUGHT IT and I'm already excited for next year.


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        Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

        Just got back into Seattle after spending some great time at Knotts with the rest of the Mice Chatter's on the 22nd! I really enjoyed the event and have some great memories. I have hit KSF almost every year for at least 20 years, and sadly im seeing a sharp degrade of KSF. Dont get me wrong, the event was enjoyable this year, but they really cut back a lot of things.

        The mazes were great and very well put togeather! Lots more animatronics then I remember in prevoius years. Works great for distration scares. Monsters were peppy and working hard core there scare. But some things rubbed me the wrong way.

        First, the general park was not very well decorated. They just made it dark and added blue lights in most places. Maybe some webbing on a wall, but overall the park was lacking a LOT of decorations!!!

        Second they had an odd mix of music and mood sounds playing in portions of the park. Even in scare zones, they would have an up-beat song play, then a track of spooky audio. Really brings the visiter out of the atmosphere. I know its been an on-going battle to get hip-hop songs out of ghost town, but I though they would at least leave that out of KSF!!!!!

        Anyways, I did have a great time, but I think Universal Hollywood is overtaking Knotts bug time for Holloween. I went a few years back and it was amazing! The theme in the streets was top notch, the level of actors was off the scale, and the mazes were AMAZING. I must say though that the crowd control needs to be worked on at Universal, and dont dare go without a VIP pass. I saw maze lines run 2+ hours!!!!!!!!

        BTW, Trapped was amazing. I think if Knotts does a new Trapped next year, ill go JUST for that. For people who know, yes, I drank "the milk". And yes, it was as bad as it looked. For people who DONT know, just ignore that...

        Ill post some photo's later.


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          Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

          Originally posted by gibbage View Post
          First, the general park was not very well decorated. They just made it dark and added blue lights in most places. Maybe some webbing on a wall, but overall the park was lacking a LOT of decorations!!!
          Its a result of the new person in charge of KBF that wants to make sure that most of the Haunt is hidden away from regular park guests as possible.

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            Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

            I went to the MiceChat event and man was it fun. The crowds were low for a saturday which meant we went through all the mazes with ease, we got to see the witch hanging year-in review, we ate in the Chicken dinner restaurant and some of us went to see trapped. The performers on the street were on all night, getting alot of laughs and chassing alot of kids. The mazes had more animatronics which are always my favorite. The giant Pinnochio was great but my favorite was the rock monster in Endgames. I also have to give credit to the Green Which in Trick or Treat.

            Another show you may want to see is Unearthed at the Mystery Lodge theater. They use the same effect to bring to life the Whitch's couldren. Finally, there's Trapped. I don't want to give away what you've probably already read but expect an interactive maze with some halarious and incredible talent. Especially the chef but I've said to much.

            By the way, try to catch a ride while you're there. The Sky Cabin operator was very funny.

            So go to the Knotts Haunt and enjoy, you won't be disapointed.


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              Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

              I had to drink the "milk" in TRAPPED as well. One of my least favorite things of the VIP maze. Totally disgusting and even today left an icky taste in my mouth.

              I tend to agree. Over by Mystery Lodge really lacks any sort of Halloween decorations. If they are trying to shy away from the regular daytime park visitor this year it's really a shame. I will definitely be going back a couple more nights including Oct 21st and 31st Halloweem Night. I'm really hoping the talent in the mazes continue their assault on victims as well as they were doing last night.

              I really really love ghost town with the fog and nearly no lights. You don't know if you're about to walk into a park guest or a monster. I will definitely see Unearthed since we had no idea what it was on our next visit. I loved the witches hanging from a distance (while waiting for our TRAPPED experience).

              What I do NOT like at Universal is the fact that you MUST have front of the line passes in order to get everything done their. But after my first visit on opening night along with front of the line passes and a "conga line" in nearly every single maze that you get "stuck in a spot for awhile" I found last night line control at Knott's was excellent making us wait a few while the people went in ahead of us. Yes we would eventually run into those in front of us thru most mazes BUT at least it was a lot better than the conga line at Universal that takes away from the experience of being in a maze when you are stuck in your same spot until the line over.

              In a couple of mazes at Knott's last night I found I couldn't find my way being too dark. Thankfully the employees would shine their flashlights and help me navigate thru. Also in Camp Snoopy there were monsters doing their jobs scaring guests including myself. Love the fact that they still haunt in that area even though it's deserted makes it even creepier.


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                Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

                Some folks on other sites (Knott's facebook page, etc) reporting Trickster character activity being more than expected/unwelcome (knocking food on the ground from people holding it right after purchase, taking away guidemaps and ripping them up, and the like - not hurting anyone but certainly causing mischief and getting more into territory of things that could make customers mad).

                Any firsthand eyewitness reports, or is this a cause of some select people taking things more seriously than they actually occurred at event?
                when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....


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                  Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

                  Saw the tricksters take someone's straw from their drink. They laughed about it.


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                    Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

                    This year Knotts was...well not as scary for me as before........Trick or Treat for me was short buy was by far the best maze, some good scary's and the theming was incredible but it should become a longer maze if it returns

                    Evil Dead...well was fine with the theme and lighting...but less people trying to scary you then last year. Pinocchio was very well themed but I liked doll house more, I'd rather them both be up and replaced one of the weaker mazes like Fallout or SlaughterHouse.
                    The last new Maze the Music one...was ok..but not scary, there were some actors really into the characters but just not really scary at all.

                    Virus Z seemed the same as the last 3 yeah snore.
                    Same goes for most the other mazes they got changed a little but I don't know this year was not feeling it as much as last year.

                    Though we only waited in one long line the whole night and that was Ghost Rider besides that we walked on about everything so value wise we got on alot of rides and mazes for our 40 bucks
                    Happy Halloween!!!


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                      Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

                      Did we go to the same Haunt? For me so far this year Knott's has an edge to Universal. I posted my review on here so won't go back into details. The talent this year seems so much more creepier and scarier than Universal. At Universal the actors have to be in the same spot doing the same thing over and over again where as Haunt I was finding the actors following me as well as just down right creepy. I know Universal s a movie studio and the mazes are movie quality BUT the one thing I did notice is the way line control is handled. Even with Front of The Line passes they don't really stop either line. Hence a huge conga line inside the mazes and having to stand in one spot for a considerable amount of time takes myself out of the maze. The purpose of the mazes are to be transported and forget things like someone in front of me etc. Knott's on Saturday night seemed to be doing an excellent job of line control and yes most of the mazes had conga lines it must felt so different in a positive way than at Universal.

                      I did see the Tricksters but I really hope they weren't doing things like that. I mean taking a straw out of a guests drink is one thing but completely ripping up a map or spilling someone's food or drink is another.


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                        Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

                        ^have not been to Universal this year so I can't say which one I enjoyed more...will next week

                        I'm just saying I liked last year better....Dollhouse and Cornstakers are to me and my friends much more solid mazes compared to some of the other mazes they still have like...Fallout, Virus Z (good idea just not a good late out after 3 years) and Slaughterhouse are pretty weak mazes to me.
                        Happy Halloween!!!


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                          Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

                          Originally posted by RegionsBeyond View Post
                          Some folks on other sites (Knott's facebook page, etc) reporting Trickster character activity being more than expected/unwelcome (knocking food on the ground from people holding it right after purchase, taking away guidemaps and ripping them up, and the like - not hurting anyone but certainly causing mischief and getting more into territory of things that could make customers mad).

                          Any firsthand eyewitness reports, or is this a cause of some select people taking things more seriously than they actually occurred at event?
                          I'm glad you posted this, on opening night, I went to the 10pm show in the NE corner of Camp Spooky (Mephisto's Mechanical Mayhem). While there, I saw a trickster grab a park map out of someone's hand & rip it into pieces. Since there was a yellow-shirted Knott's staffer there as well, I assumed it was for show, but it sounds like maybe not?


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                            Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews



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                              Re: Knott's Scary Farm 2012 reviews

                              I think Knotts with the aspect of comedy has the freedom for their actors and designers to get more creative. Universal seems to be following the guidelines of film copywrights and can't really diverge from a script. Knotts also doesn't really goive a competetive feeling where they are trying to compete with the other parks. The feeling is that we have a park and we're going to make it fun were Disney and Universal, while incredible, seem on edge that the'yre going to lose money.

                              To add to you're post, the conga-line type walkthrough is harder to enjoy than the few at a time approach. You want to look front and back in a maze and see a few friends, not a large line trying to shuffle along.

                              I will say that the Penn and Teller maze sounds cool and perhaps Universal is trying to add ideas other than popular horror movies.


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