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  • [Review] Knotts Halloween Haunt 40th Anniversary

    Went to Knotts Scary Farm last night not only to have fun, but to also observe the monsters as I'm going to be a monster at the Empty Grave at Gardenwalk. I was able to go thru all the mazes before midnight and rode Silver Bullet and the Mine Train which did not get an overlay (well, unless you count green lights inside as an overlay). Anyway, heres my review of the mazes and shows that i saw:

    Pinocchio Unstrung: I'm just gonna say that this maze has scarred my view of Pinocchio. 10/10

    Terror of London: Its been 3 straight years and this maze still terrifies. I noticed they shortened it a bit, but the talent when I went thru made up for it. 9/10

    Dominion of the Dead: This maze is the one that stood out the most this year. The vampires didn't bang and yell all the time (it was rare in this maze) and scared enough with their movements. The maze is beautifully well done. 10/10

    Delirium: The nightmare continues and its still as scary as last year. The eyeball room got a strobe light add on which reminded me of the strobe light room in the Empty Grave Maze in Gardenwak. Well done once again 10/10

    Endgames: Endgames got moved to the back and its still as strong as ever. The final room is a lot better than last year and I saw the return of the rock monster from Labyrinth. One monster on my second time going thru followed me halfway thru to the end. 9/10

    Virus Z: Everything was great.....till the end. The end is based on Carrie which is about a girl that takes revenge on her high school bullies after a prank is pulled on her which does not have anything to do with Zombies. Maybe Carrie would be better off as its own maze and not shoehorned into a strong maze. 8/10

    Dia De Los Muertos: Still a good maze as ever. 8/10

    SlaughterHouse: Wow....I mean wow. They literally went back and redid everything in this maze! And its actually a lot better then the past 3 years. 10/10

    Trick or Treat: This was an interesting new maze. Didn't get the bag and mask but its still fun even if you didn't get it. The witch scene at the end was pretty fun to watch. 10/10

    Uncle Bobo's Big Top of the Bizzare: Still as "Bizzare" as before. 9/10

    The Hanging Games: This really the funniest hanging I've ever seen! Some of my friends are One Direction fans and it was funny that they were one of the music artists killed this year. 10/10

    The Witching Hour: If you haven't seen the Witching Hour when it was part of the regular Haunt show lineup, you won't understand that this is meant to be a serious hanging show. I enjoyed it and it honestly scared me a little bit. 9/10

    Ed Alonzo: I didn't get the chance to see him last year and I was able to catch the last show of the night. He's still funny as ever. 9/10

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