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Did you like 2012's Knott's Scary Farm?


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  • [Question] Did you like 2012's Knott's Scary Farm?

    I've read a few post from folks who were disappointed in Knott's Scary Farm this year, but I had a very good time so I started this poll to find out if I'm part of a silent majority, or I have unique, blissfully low standards.

    Don't hate me for my mostly repeated opinions, but. . .
    1. I loved the Boo-fet food quality (especially the meats) and the lines for it which seemed to move faster than in 2009, 2010, and 2011.
    2. The mine train ride last year was Mulholland Madness bad, so I was relieved they didn't try to outsuck themselves.
    3. The cheerful employees who gave us free glasses of ice water at refreshment windows probably made me feel healthier during the night than the huge servings of soda I got in my cool, plastic souvenir bottles in years past.
    4. It was nice arriving at the Knott's parking lot at 5pm, having a TGIF beer, and going into the Boo-fet and the Scary Farm ($50 total plus per person including the Boo-fet with early entry, not including the $20 parking, and not including the <$6 TGIF beer) with a lean pack of just three chillseeking adults. Thanks Micechat for teaching me to lead my own group during the three years I joined you. I still might come along on a Universal outing in the future. I did miss some of the fun-loving Micechatters though!
    5. I thought the men's restrooms were very clean thanks to a some hardworking janitors who were spending a lot of time cleaning them.
    6. The one teen who tried to skip ahead in a maze line was instantly and professionally stopped by an attentive & quick Knott's security guard who explained to him why skipping is wrong and sent him back to his friends who seemed glad that they didn't follow their loser leader. This security guard was either very well trained or an excellent hire by Knott's which is lucky to have him as part of their mostly happy family. I really like Knott's employees, and their genuinely friendly vibe inspired us to use our season pass about a dozen times last year. (I like Universal too, but it seems like a chore to use the final two of five visits from my $59-for-five-visits Costco pass. Thanks for Transformers, but please hurry with Harry!)
    7. The Hanging only needs a couple of funnier writers to be better than ever.
    8. There were so many good mazes and inspired monsters this year, and to me that's what it's mostly about.
    I loved it!
    I liked it.
    I thought it was OK.
    I disliked it.
    I hated it!
    I didn't go yet, but I just wanted to cast a vote.

    The poll is expired.

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    Re: Did you like 2012's Knott's Scary Farm?

    Things I liked.....
    1) NO lines - we waited in only one real line the whole night and that was for Ghostrider
    2) The amount of Mazes - 13 is more then enough
    3) Trick or Treat and Pinocchio's Revenge were top quality mazes
    4) the Amount of Rides opens is a great value for what your paying for

    What I didn't like
    1) What mazes they kept....Virus Z, Fallout shelter, the clown maze, and Dia de los Muertos just do do much for me....they just do scary me and just need to be replaced
    2) The some were good...but compared to HHN they just PG not as scary more talkative then threatening

    While I did like the park this year...I'd say I did enjoy it more last year with some of the classic mazes like Doll House, Corn Stalkers and Sleeping Hallow still remain in my mind the best and with all 3 done this year it was just not as exciting
    Happy Halloween!!!


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      Re: Did you like 2012's Knott's Scary Farm?

      I'm gong to write a full trip report in a little while, but I must say that the quality of the new mazes is incredible. I look forward to the next generation of mazes if this is a precursor of things to come.


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        Re: Did you like 2012's Knott's Scary Farm?

        I'm going with "like" for now. It's always hard to get a good impression just going through mazes and seeing shows once, plus the fact that my wife/kids weren't with us this year meant something was missing for me.

        We are hoping to go back on Halloween so we'll see.


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          Re: Did you like 2012's Knott's Scary Farm?

          I've only been going since Inquisitions last year (so since 2002, 2003?) but of the years I have gone I think it was best or second best for me. My first year will always be kinda special, a lot of great traditions and memories learned or started. And walking up to the front gates of The Asylum with the theme from the Shining playing is still far and away my greatest haunt memory, especially since I got to share it with my dad. I owe my love of the event and most of my memories and traditions of it to him. Sad he had to miss this year, as it was such a big year, but hopefully he'll get to catch the next big anniversary.

          Anyways, the new mazes were all absolutely fantastic this year, Pinocchio was just awesome, Dominion was thematically beautiful and haunting, Trick or Treat was a neat experiment even if they screwed over everyone that wanted the gift bags after the first weekend by jacking up the price. And Trapped is something I hope they continue, but with a new layout each year.


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            Re: Did you like 2012's Knott's Scary Farm?

            I put like for a few of reasons rather than loved it:

            Evil Dead Log ride was poorly thought out and a huge downgrade from Sleepy Hollow.

            No maze for the Calico Mine train was almost sacrelige.

            The Hanging needs to step it up, it gotten progressively worse the last 4 years IMO.


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