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  • Trip Report Knott's Scary Farm Trip Report!

    Hello! This is my second review about this weekend. My boyfriend and I went to both Universal Horror Nights and Knott's Scary Farm. Here is my review of Knott's 40th! For my trip report of Universal please go here

    Every year I go to Knott's Scary Farm and I was very excited to go this year, being its 40th anniversary and everything! We had reservations for the 5:00 PM Pre-Scare buffet dinner so we got to the park around 4:15 PM. To my surprise we were let into the park at 4:30 for our dinner reservation! I thought this was a nice gesture because we were done with out dinner at 5:25pm and we got a chance to ride Ghostrider before the event even started! I think its a good thing to note that they close the park at 5:30 PM promptly so you can definitely catch a ride if you do the first pre-scare dinner. After Ghostrider we decided to wait by the rope. To my surprise they started the event and had the rope drop at 6:30 PM. What a great early start to the evening! I enjoyed the opening ceremony, but I would have preferred if the witch was on top of the rock of Ghostrider.

    The first thing we ran to was the Log Ride which was themed to the Evil Dead. The log ride is always one of my favorites and this year didn't disappoint! I thought it wasn't as good as Sleepy Hollow of Little Red Riding Hood, but it was still a great attraction and worth checking out. We decided to skip the Mine Ride because I was told here that it wasn't themed this year. I will skip a bit because we decided to do the Mine Ride later on in the evening and it is minimally decorated inside. It just doesn't have any scare actors. I thought it was still fun and worth checking out.

    After the log ride we went to do Pinocchio. We were the only ones to enter this maze and I must say being in a maze by yourself is one of the most frighting things ever! This maze is one of the scariest and best themed this year!

    I'm not going to review every maze in depth because it would just take me too long, but I thought this year Uncle Willy's was the best its ever been! It's almost like a completely new maze! The clown maze was almost the same as years past, but was still just as fun! I thought the Carrie scene at the end of Virus Z was SO random! My boyfriend is a BIG fan of Carrie, he just bought the soundtrack to the musical, but even he said it was random.

    We decided to visit the 40th Haunt Museum and they were selling a 40th Haunt book about the history of the event and the author Ted Dougherty was there to sign the book. To my boyfriends and I surprise the author was the guy who rode in the log with us in the beginning of the night! I bought the book and got a picture with him and it looks like it will be a great read for the month of October!

    Trick or Treat: This was one of my favorites for the evening! If you want to go Trick or Treating the bags are now $15 and I received a shot glass, a deck of cards, and a Snickers bar. I was definitely disappointed I didn't get the key chain, but I loved the idea and had a great time putting up my mask and getting things! Definitely fun! The maze was amazing though! It is a bit short, but I thought the theme was just on par and the actors were great!

    Dominion: I thought this new maze was very well done, but the scare factor was just not there. I'm sure as time goes on the actors will get scarier, but it just didn't do it for me.

    The Hanging Games: I thought this wasn't the best hanging I've seen. It just lacked a cohesive theme. I thought Bill and Ted's was amazing at Universal this year, but this year Knott's Hanging just didn't do it for me like years past. Maybe it was some of the actors, but it was definitely disjointed.

    The Witch Hanging: If you can only see one show at Knott's Scary Farm this year, check this out! I don't want to give anything away, but I LOVED this! I loved how it brings up the "why and how" of the whole event! I also thought it was a bit scary! My only recommendation is to have monsters come through the audience at the end!

    Overall: Overall Knott's event is amazing this year! The scare actors are great, the tricksters are fun and worth watching when you find them! We were able to do every maze this year and rode a majority of the rides. If you can do the pre-dinner its definitely worth the price! Happy Halloween!!!
    Jeff Wayne

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