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KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th


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  • Trip Report KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

    To start off I would like to state that we got there a little before rope drop, yet there weren't any real big lines. There was just a small group of people ready to go in. Actually, the whole park wasn't that busy at all. I kind of felt sad because I was thinking that Knott's Scary Farm as a whole might be becoming VERY unpopular compared to the likes of HHN (where I hear reports of 1-1.5 hour waits) However, NONE of the mazes at Knott's Scary Farm even exceeded 10 minutes. With the exception of Trick or Treat and Pinnochio Upstring, all the other mazes had a 0 wait time. Before I go on with the review however, I will only be reviewing the new mazes and rides for the KSF 40th Haunt.

    Evil Dead: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going here FIRST thing once rope drop occurs. There was a small line but still, the line took forever to move because of slow loading. But other than that, I don't remember that much of the past overlays but I did like this one. We had actually a lot of scares. It also seems like the monsters appear in different locations because we got jumped at about 5 different places than the last ride we went through. My friend was literally freaking out as he was in the front of the log, the whole ride was dark and entertaining. I did however, hear that the ride broke down later in the night, so I felt really sorry for those who missed it that night.
    Grade: A
    -Pros: Lots of unexpected scares, dark spooky sets, and total wetness!
    -Cons: Nothing really, wish I could have rode it again.

    Calico Mine Ride: Oh my god, I can't believe that this is not promoted at ALL in the KSF map. The ride had A LOT of new animatronics and the theme was spectacular. I truly loved how they tied in the Witches curse with the calico workers. There were even some animatronics that puffed air out to scare guests. I was frankly scared with some of the animatronics that popped out of nowhere and screamed in your face. I HIGHLY recommend not missing this, because the ride is truly different from the regular one. The new witch spiel they play really sets the mood of the ride. I am glad I did not miss this since I did hear a few people say that nothing really was going on in this ride. Of course, there were no live actors, but still I wouldn't miss this.
    Grade: A-
    -Pros: Really great story line, new animatronics, has it's scare factor.
    -Cons: Would of course have been better with live actors.

    Pinnochio Upstring: We TOTALLY loved this maze. Most of the people in my group put this maze on top. The sets were amazing, the actors were SUPERB! I really felt like they were possessed. The way they moved like an actual puppet, my god, seriously one of the best mazes in Knotts. I mean, the scare factor could have been a bit more serious, but I was actually glad that I wasn't paying attention to any monsters that tried to scare me because looking at the set pieces were really amazing. The story behind the maze, and our personal favorite, the animatronic at the end, which was amazing! I totally loved this maze!
    Grade: A
    -Pros: Brilliant story line, SUPERB actors, cool animatronics.
    -Cons: Should have had more saare inside the maze.

    Trick or Treat: MY PERSONAL FAVORITE! This has got to be the BEST maze I have ever been to. Because it was not just a maze, the green witch INSIDE the maze interacted with you. There were actually 2 witches. One in the beginning, in the library room, and the other during the end. The one in the beginning was talking to me and how she will curse me and my friends, the room itself even interacted with her as the "statues" moved as well. The lights changed and flickered as she pointed and screamed at me! SO COOL! So glad that she picked on me. Also during the end, we watched the Witch talk to us during the dinner table which was pretty cool too, with the chandelier falling on the table. Loved this maze, HIGH QUALITY and excellent acting. Hated the annoying tricksters to be honest.
    Grade: A+++++++
    -Pros: LOVED the interaction with the green witch, maze looked expensive!
    -Cons: Nothing, I would have gone 5 times if I had time...but the tricksters should LEAVE there mask on to be.

    Dominion of the Dead: Umm...I really did not get scared here at ALL. I mean the actors were good, but like, it was seriously BORING. I loved some of the sets, the color scheme, and the whole unique theme to it. Other than that, I can't really say anything else. At least they had good music in the maze. It felt more like a museum to be honest.
    Grade: D
    -Pros: Music and actors and set pieces (looked cheap when compared to ToT or Pinnochio Up string.
    -Cons: Everything else

    Hanging: Prior to the show we did get to see Elvira. All she did was give a speech for about 5 minutes then she told everyone where they can meet up. Did not really know her so did not really care, but a lot of people were enthusiastic that she was there. There also seemed to be a very long line to get her autograph or photo at the haunt museum! I still think the 2010 show with the world of color parody and justin bieber being hung was still the best for me. Although, this year they DID ADD AN EXTRA SCENE were Justin Bieber throws up while performing baby. If you haven't seen the clip, watch it on youtube! It was very recent.
    Grade: C
    No comments.

    Tricksters: They were so annoying, thank god they didn't bother us. I don't even know why I am even grading them. The only interaction we had was when one was up in my face saying in a ghetto tone "What you scared?". The witch was FABULOUS though, loved the sheman witch to be honest. S(he) was so hilarious. I saw her talking all ghetto to another black girl saying "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I AM THE GREEN WITCH, YEAH KEEP WALKING UGGS". I literally laughed along with others!
    Tricksters- Grade: F
    Witch- Grade: A

    TRAPPED: Oh god, this was the most BEST EXPERIENCE OF THE NIGHT I HAD. But seriously, the ending could have been wayyy better, because for me and the other two in my group, we were like THATS IT? Those who volunteered during the brutal finale thought that what happened to them was WELL WORTH THE MONEY. However, me and the other two were just escorted out of the building, nothing happened to us, we didn't get scared and they just escorted us to the photo room. We were really frightened by our other friends who were trapped and were screaming for mercy. We though something worse was going to happen to us, but nope. Nothing. The "eating scene' actor was AMAZING. S(he) who was also a man, was very fierce and rude to us. Loved her sassiness and how she forced ALL OF US TO EAT whatever we had to. The first scene, we were just scared as hell, then some guy jumped and screamed at us to hurry the hell up. At times, I felt like they rushed us through the maze. All I can say is, it was well worth the money, especially THOSE WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE FINAL SCENE (which is the morgue). There is also ONE FINAL SURPRISE AT THE END, where my whole group was not expecting, it really scared us. I would definitely do this again, if it is different the next year. It would be a tradition
    Grade: A++++++++++++++
    Cons: Short, and should have a scary finale for everyone in the group.

    Overall, I had great fun. From 7PM-1AM
    We got to go on ALL THE MAZES, watch the hanging, and ride A LOT OF RIDES with 0 waits.

    We rode: SIlver bullet, Montazoomas, Ghost rider, Pony Express, and Sierra sidewinder. Well worth the measly 36 dollar admission fee.

    Now just letting you guys know I have NEVER been to Universals HHN, so I can't really compare the two.

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    Re: KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

    Thanks for the great review. We go on the 11th and have trapped ticket in hand. We were going to skip the Mine Train, now not sure.
    When you went to the trapped line, how was it??? Our time is 9:30 and wondered how many others had that time slot and what the wait was like. Did you notice how long it was between groups? Also did they do a photo for you , if so when and where do you pick that up. Thanks again.


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      Re: KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

      ^Hello. It seems like when we went to our trapped reservation, there were about 4 other parties ahead of us. So our reservation was at 10:30, we probably did not get in until 10:50. And at the end they do snap a photo of you and your group! They give you a voucher to pick up on 5x7 of the two photos they took of you. You will have a great time


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        Re: KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

        Um, you did not know who Elvira is?


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          Re: KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

          I gotta say, I completely agree with this review, and this year's event was my personal favorite Haunt event of all time. I had so much freaking fun this year; and I'm pissed about the mine ride now, I skipped it because I heard it wasn't that good, but now I wish I would've. I heard bad things about the log ride, but I rode it anyway, and it was awesome! They got me really good on the log ride; but yea, overall, freaking fantastic year.
          - Walt Disney


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            Re: KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

            I'm so jealous...I went to the Haunt on Opening night and there was no overlay at all for the Calico Mine Ride. Now I gotta go back to check it out!

            Glad you had a great time, for me it was one of the best years from the last 10+ years. If you haven't been and are reading this....stop reading and go check it out ASAP!! You won't be sorry.


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              Re: KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

              Amazing, how everyone has an experience, that, in general, deviates from everyone else's experience. For example, I have heard nothing but good things about the EVIL DEAD/Log Ride, and, personally, I thought it was a 99.8% clunker. FALLOUT SHELTER seems to be quite popular, whereas, I found it to be nothing but a cop-out maze of endless darkness, and not much else. On the other hand, I have heard a lot of wretched opinions about DOMINION OF THE DEAD, a maze I, personally, found to be awesome. Hence, the beauty of Knott's, where everyone takes in a different experience, from everyone else.

              While I am here writing, I may as well give my overall opinion of the mazes, since, hey, everyone else is doing it, haha:

              EVIL DEAD: D- All my group got was a couple of "startles," and, we all found the "maze" was a desperate attempt of connecting itself to a theme. MAJOR yawn.

              PINOCCHIO UNSTRUNG: B+ Should find its niche, without a doubt, next year.

              TRICK OR TREAT: B+ Would have rated much, much higher, if the maze was longer. A tad bit of tinkering, next year, and I have no doubt this will be a fan favorite for many, many years to come. Tons of potential !!

              DOMINION OF THE DEAD: B+ A bit of fine-tuning, this maze, although far from actually being scary, could be border line erotic. I come to Knott's for the scares, but i LOVE the fact, this maze deviates from the norm.

              DELIRIUM: A+ And not just 'cos that hot girl gave me a plastic roach, in the "roach room." This maze was insane, creepy, disturbing, noisy, irritating, and downright in your face. In my opinion, hands down, the best of the mazes.

              FALL OUT SHELTER: D+ Yeah, I know I am in a minority here, and perhaps this was one of those "you have to be there in the right moment" type of mazes, but to me, this simply did nothing more than give me a headache.

              ENDGAMES: A- Kenetic, frenzied, loud.......pretty much totally worked for me. All the talent in this maze seemed to be roaring on adrenelin, when we (my group) walked thru. Everyone seemed hell bent of truly getting in our faces.

              SLAUGHTERHOUSE: B+ Wow, a total attack on my senses, on all levels. I felt I was bombarded from every direction, and, like Endgames, the talent seemed roaring on adrenelin, and intent on really "attacking" all that walked thru.

              BOBO'S WHATEVER WASTE OF SPACE: D- Sorry, although another fan favorite, this is just a frickin headache to me. "The Amazing Thingie," seriously, is NOT funny, total junior high school humor (and, I KNOW, I am gonna hear some attacks against my critque, regarding the lameass "poop," but, hey, this is merely MY opinion). TIme for the circus to vacate Buena Park.

              TERROR OF LONDON: C- Has been pretty decent in the past, but, now comes off as an out-of-breath, wheezy senior citizen of a maze. The talent was totally on, but, I think it's time to call it a night here.

              VIRUS Z: C- A cluttered mess, to me. I have no problem, however, with the Carrie finale. Truth is, if noone had ever seen Carrie (the original), then noone would give the finale a second thought. That aside, another muddled mess (although, yet again, all the talent realy gave their all--though the Carrie, as we walked thru, seemed as if she was ready to nod off).

              LOS........ B- Kicking, and fighting, this maze seems unwilling to die--this was not as wretched as I have heard everyone else claim it to be. Again, it is all a matter of personal preference. What scares one patron one moment, will fail miserably to a patron, 20 seconds later. So, hey, this maze was alright for my group.

              Sadly, did not do TRAPPED........
              For my visit, I had a pretty good time. LOVED the girl in Ghost Town, that was, somewhat, wrapped up like a mummy, and making some of the most creepiest sounds I have ever heard. MAJOR kudows to everyone, I have NO IDEA how all can maintain such a high level of energy night after night.


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                Re: KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

                Thanks again! We are very excited! This will be my third year. We get the Haunted Dreams Package at the hotel since we are from Nevada. We expect we will have a blast as usual.


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                  Re: KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

                  You're so lucky you got on the log ride! I got there at 8 PM (on the same night) and it was already freaking down. The sole purpose I even went and it was CLOSED. UGGGGGGH.

                  I also really loved the mine ride, even though it had no scares. It was honestly one of my favorite parts of the night and I'm not sure why. For those who want to do it, there was zero wait all night so I think it should be the same for the rest of the run.


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                    Re: KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

                    I went on Sunday night and had a blast. I liked the tricksters and loved the walk throughs in Ghost Town and Necropolis in particular. Some of the areas were so dark and fog filled you couldn't see your hand in front of your face and then...waaaaaammm, here comes a ghoul right in your ear!!!

                    Some of the maze sets were amazing - Trick or Treat, Pinocchio, Dominion of the Dead and Terror of London were my favorite ones. I got the most scares from Day of the Dead and Fallout Shelter. We also did Trapped and thought it was cool, and so realistic, particularly the first room - eek! Get the 3D glasses as three of the mazes are enhanced with them.

                    Evil dead (the log ride) was good, lots of jumps here and there. I didn't think the Calico Mine ride was good or even scary for that matter. If you have time, or just want to sit a while then by all means, but I don't think it was as good as a maze. I saw three shows the Tonga Tiki, Cursed, and the Hanging Games. Cursed was belly dancers, Tiki was a dramedy and fairly corny, and the Hanging Games was a variety show also of the corny nature, but entertaining.


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                      Re: KSF 40th Halloween Haunt Review Visit + TRAPPED: October 4th

                      Went to Knott's during the day today to see the Stanley Cup. We went on the mine ride and they have the overlay including the spiel of the green witch even during regular park hours. I LOVE it. We rode it three times over. The first time the non offing, nonhuman statue of the green witch got me good.


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