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Anyone visit all haunts? Knotts, queen mary, universal, magic mountain


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  • [Question] Anyone visit all haunts? Knotts, queen mary, universal, magic mountain

    I attended three Knott's Haunt's this year, however, has anyone attended all the other parks? Just wondering, in your opinion, which parks are THE BEST? I have a soft spot for Knott's having attended, off and on, since year 1......IS Knott's the best? Or are other parks superior? If so, what makes other parks better? Just trying to stir up some input here.................

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    Re: Anyone visit all haunts? Knotts, queen mary, universal, magic mountain

    I actually did. What's interesting is I put Knott's ahead of Six Flags as well as Universal. Every year I usually put Universal ontop of Knott's but NOT this year. Universal charges way too much (especially for front of line passes with only one time visit to all attractions and rides). They really are loosing out on guests staying and spending money on food and drinks and souviners because they don't stick around once finishing everything (why wait in huge long lines for something I've done with a front of line pass with no wait). Not only that but the cost I managed two tickets and Boo-Fet for Knott's for 1 front of line pass for Universal. Plus I feel this year Universal just phoned it in. I mean they had a Texas Chainsaw maze before. La Llorona returned, another Alice Copper maze. The only new ones were The Walking Dead and Silent Hill. There needs to be way more things for guests to do (there's just not enough). Also they keep increasing the number of tickets sold every single night thus upping park capacity in ways that it shouldn't be.

    Six Flags in my opinion ( we have season passes so we had free admission and level pass free parking) was worth the extra charge to get the Fast Maze pass. The park aactually does superior line ccontrol. I've never seen a park other than Queen Mary do line control the way it should be. The mazes they offer (all but one) are exceptional quality. The park is super clean, employees and staff that are there to do their jobs. The biggest thing I liked was the fact the park is open all day and into the evening meaning you do not have to wait until 7pm to enter.

    Queen Mary we did this year. Definitely worth getting a Fright Pass for everything. We saw maze lines as long as 180+ minutes. We went the Sunday before Halloween. Plus you also,have a special enterance line too so you aren't waiting in the queues of people. The 3 mazes on the ship are very well done. The new maze Deadrise was well done. I really liked how the talent used the props and just scared me to no end. The Cage is getting old. (this is inside the Spruce Goose Dome). I could care less for the talent to be banging on drums and making loud noises like that. Village of the Damned is great (new layout) it I liked the original better. I think because the ending was too much like Universal instead of the usual. Queen Mary is a definite do not miss.

    I would rank them as follows:
    1. Knotts
    2. Queen Mary
    3. Six Flags
    4. Universal


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      Re: Anyone visit all haunts? Knotts, queen mary, universal, magic mountain

      We went to Knott's, our third time. We got the Hotel package and trapped and like usual had a blast.
      We went to the Frightdome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. It was fantastic! If you go during the week (school nights) you really do not need to buy the front of line passes. I do not know how Halloween night was. I heard that the weekend nights were sold out. The make up jobs on the ghouls were fantastic. Each maze had a tour guide to lead you thru. Those guides talked to you and set up the mazes. Since the fright dome is a smaller venue than the others there is not a huge amount of walking between mazes and shows. When that park closed it closed on time, the lights went on and all the actors headed out the doors. The one thing good about that place is that the outside weather does not effect anything as it is all indoors except for the patio that is the smoking area. The rides that were open were not themed for this event. I would go again.


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