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Kings Island enacts new ride policy for disabled guests


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  • News Kings Island enacts new ride policy for disabled guests

    Saw this on my local news website this evening....think this will be implemented at all Cedar Fair parks, or just KI?

    A new Kings Island policy has some parents of children with special needs upset.

    In an attempt to ensure equal treatment of its patrons, Kings Island has enacted a new policy for its guests with disabilities that has both surprised and irritated parents.

    On its website, Kings Island, an amusement park under the umbrella of Cedar Fair Entertainment, said it prides itself in its reputation to accommodate guests with disabilities by allowing them to avoid crowds and long lines that form at rides.
    Parents of children with disabilities now face a new policy, however, as Kings Island begins its Ride Boarding Pass Program under the enforcement of their Ride Admission Policy.
    The program requires guests who need special accommodations for rides request a boarding pass that gives them a specified time in which they can ride a chosen ride.
    Until now, guests with disabilities were allowed to jump to the front of the line to avoid the difficult wait times.
    The program, according to Kings Island, designates waiting periods for its guests that are designed to be equal to the wait time of riders standing in line.
    In rides that do not have lines, these guests may continue to use the park's alternative access exits to avoid having to weave through empty queues.
    Source: WLWT

    On another KI note, *fingers crossed* for a Winged or other type of rumored B&M coaster in the former Son Of Beast area currently having footers put well as the strange teaser signs they have on the fence surrounding it.

    Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban

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    Re: Kings Island enacts new ride policy for disabled guests

    Actually it has already been implemented at all Cedar Fair properties. It's a further refinement of the ADA policies. They consulted with several of the associations that the policy would impact in the writing of the policy.


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      Re: Kings Island enacts new ride policy for disabled guests

      Like Disney, they probably had their fair share of abuse and this type of implementation helps remove the desirability of abusing the system. It'd be nice to know some specifics as to why these parents are upset.


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        Re: Kings Island enacts new ride policy for disabled guests

        This is a little more detailed account than the TV station's


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