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Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)


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  • [Review] Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

    We went Thursday October 10, 2013

    I haven't been to Haunt since 2010 and really had no intention on really coming back because I felt like I've done everything and already got the feel. Especially since houses were always reused. However, after hearing how much the event has grown and shifted to providing a more quality experience for guests I decided to give it a shot.

    We arrived at the parking lot around 6:20, parking was $20 which I thought was a little steep considering other parks don't even charge this much even for a Halloween event. I'm probably just complaining because I only had one friend coming with me. Anyways, the entrance is really friendly. Large jack-o-lanterns provide a family-fun look as these are also out for day-time guests, but at night they flicker which is a little more creepy. I suggest using a Burger King coupon if you go, don't buy it online. Processing fees are rather annoying.

    After rope drop we headed straight for Trick or Treat, a new one for me. I really enjoyed the fact that you rang the door bell and had to yell "Trick or Treat" in order to get it. Upon entering I was absolutely impressed with the amount of detail that went into this house. In my opinion it ranked up to Universal quality. It was simply beautiful. The talent in this maze had really high energy and I was startled once or twice. It was a great start.

    Overall: 4.5/5

    Next was Endgames Warriors of the Apocalypse, also new for me. The farcade looked like a shack, but was cool none the less. Something that I found really cool was that you took your picture before entering the maze. Little did I know that they count down and you think they take your picture but then you're blasted with air. In that case, your picture has been taken with a funny face. For the maze itself, it was confusing. I had no idea what was going on. I know that it's about fighting or something, but I didn't really think it worked. That talent really tried but I think I was so lost in understanding what was going on that it didn't work. The quality was pretty good however.

    Overall: 2/5

    ThenDominion of the Damned, also new because I didn't go through Dominion of the Dead. Once again, you take your picture before entering this maze as well, but it's just a regular photo op. The maze was very beautiful and I liked the whole gothic-esque of the maze. The sets were elaborate and the talent was very creepy. I was startled a few times simply by them gesturing and swiftly moving. Overall, it was beautiful more than scary, but creepy none the less.

    Overall: 3/5

    Immediately after that was Delirium, the one I was most excited about going into (also new for me). This maze was truly creepy, scary even. The sets were very disturbing, especially the cockroach room. My favorite room however immediately followed walking over a dead body eaten apart from roaches where an actor literally stopped me from the line, and would mimic my every move. The idea isn't scary, but his face piece scared me so bad I couldn't make eye contact. Right after another actor came up to me and I was corned. Talent like that is what I love about Haunt, however the rest of the house lacked any talent.

    Overall: 3/5

    We then made our way to Pinocchio Unstrung. New for me again. This maze was very creepy, very twisted, and I enjoyed that so much. The sets were absolutely stunning, especially a scene where you're meant to feel outside and there are stars twinkling above. Other than beautiful sets, that was it. Probably only three or four actors through the whole thing. I was a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to that one.

    Overall: 2/5

    Next Forevermore. This maze won for most beautifully themed, it really reminded me of Terror of London. The pieces were extravagant, there was a room where you enter a pipe and an actor literally wades through water while a huge axe swings above his head. Very cool, very gothic, very creepy. Another beautiful scene was that of the Tell Tale Heart as the heart beat was loud and red beats appeared even under the floor. Very cool! Beautifully done, but still didn't have that much talent at all.

    Overall: 3.5/5

    We took a break from mazes here and rode some rides. Xcelerator was first, always good, but the line grew tremendously long because they were only running one car. One car, especially on a major attraction like this is really annoying. I know maintenance costs and everything, but the capacity on that is terrifying in itself. We followed up with Coast Rider and Boomerang.

    Next was Black Magic, this was the maze I was waiting to go into all night. Here's where something really gets annoying, the picture photo op. It was here too, and this was the reason the line stretched all the way to where Coast Rider's entrance is. It was fun the first time, but it's annoying now. The maze itself was very elaborate, the sets were beautiful, the voice over was pretty creepy, and I jumped once. The room I looked forward to the most was the "water chamber?" or something like that, but no actor was there. That's the thing, there was barely any talent in this maze. Probably three or four actors as well. I was really sad, but the pieces were nice.

    Overall: 3/5

    Then we made our way to The Gunslingers Grave. This maze was cool, and very well done. I especially love how when you go outside in the maze, theming wise, you actually walk outside on a dirt road. It was a very unique feel that mazes never really have. The sets were very nice and I enjoyed how there was a lot of talent actually in this maze, however they really didn't do much. Most of them just stood there looking at us, and that's pretty much it.

    Overall: 2.5/5

    Next was The Slaughterhouse, the only maze I was familiar with. It seems like this maze has outlived any other maze at Haunt. But to my surprise, it was completely different. You enter into a diner and then into the backstage area where they prepare the meat. The maze was fun, I jumped a few times and the theming was cool yet rather scarce.

    Overall: 3/5

    By this time it was already 9:25PM and literally we knocked out all of the mazes except Mirror Mirror because even on a not so crowded night, the line was 2 hours long. If you really want to do this, take everyone's advice and do that first. This really looked like a Universal queue.

    We rode Silver Bullet once and walked through the streets of Ghost Town. It was here we decided to go through a few mazes again because we felt like, or we hoped, more actors would be in them.

    Pinocchio Unstrung (Round 2)
    Essentially it was the same. There were more actors than last time, but I was still disappointed because I wanted to see the Marionette girl, but she never showed up. However, there was this one girl who bent backwards and scared a couple of people, including me, which reminded me of the Doll Factory. It was effective.

    Overall, this time around: 3/5

    Dominion of the Damned (Round 2) The talent was more on their game this time around. They were still being creepy and flowy, but they jumped out at you and they got me a few times.

    Overall, this time around: 3.5/5

    Delirium (Round 2) This was the maze that made my night, especially this run through. There was more talent and each character tried scaring every single person. This was very appreciated, and effective. The scene that scared me the most was through the archway of eyeballs a monster scared me from the side, I moved to the other side and a monster from that side scared me and I jumped and ran straight, then a monster with stilts swung down toward me. Very effective ping pong effect! I loved it! Well done!

    Overall, this time around: 5/5

    However, what really made my night was the street talent. They were amazing! The ghouls in ghost town were terrifying, the Tricksters especially were outstanding! They were devilish, very crazy, and fun. I remember seeing them play a game of duck duck goose with the clowns from Carnevil, eventually running off to scare everyone. The clowns are always funny, always very playful. It's funny seeing them make fun of them, and then scaring them right after. Pretty cool. All of the street actors were full of energy and tried their hardest so frighten everyone!

    What I enjoy the most about Haunt is the use of fog. They use it so effectively, especially in Ghost Town. I remember there's a way from Ghost Town to where Pinocchio Unstrung and Forevermore are, it's completely covered with fog making it almost impossible to see anything. The talent here used it to their advantage and literally scared everyone. It was very effective, and the rest of the ghost town monsters did this as well. I loved it! Same goes for Necropolis, the amount of fog is so effective, especially when the actor has glowing eyes, very creepy. "See you in the fog," more like, we'll see you but you can't see us and we'll scare you.

    Ghost Town Streets: 5/5
    Carnevil: 4.5/5
    Necropolis: 4.5/5
    Dia De Los Muertos: 1/5 .. I didn't even know it was a scare zone.

    Halloween Haunt has definitely evolved since the last time I was there. The mazes have indeed received more quality and better attention to detail than ever before, however with that I feel like they've cut down on the amount of talent in the houses. Literally walking through most of the houses finding very little actors in them. Could this be because we went on a weekday rather than a weekend? Who knows, but it kinda sucked not being scared by actors but then because of that we got to look around and admire the detail of the houses.
    Fighting just to survive but you taught me I can.

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    Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

    Great review!

    My wife and I will be going, along with 10 others on 10/26, I'm afraid it is going to be so insanely crowded that we might not get through very many mazes. My friend is proposing to his g/f that night (they had their first date at KSF), so that is the only reason we are going that night. If it was up to me, we would go midweek, this week or next week.


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      Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

      No shows? You missed out on Possessed! Great show and so eerie!


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        Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

        Possessed was great! Loved the surprise ending. The Elvira show was totally awesome! The dancers were fantastic. I wanted to watch it again! We did not get to see the hanging but thanks to those who posted the entire show we did enjoy it online.


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          Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

          Originally posted by moregumboplease View Post
          Great review!

          ...My friend is proposing to his g/f that night ...
          I hope she doesn't read this site!


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            Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

            nice review thanks


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              Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

              To anyone going, definitely get to the rope drop in Camp Snoopy *before* it drops and high-tail it over to Mirror Mirror when it does. I think it's the best thing there. I was in the first group admitted and immediately got in line to do it again, which took an hour and threw my planned schedule off but it was worth it.

              The Mine Train has no scare actors in it and some minimal set pieces so, I would say, is completely optional this year. The Log Ride has no re-theme, probably because it was just upgraded.

              The Elvira show is as amusing as ever. I'm too removed from pop culture to get a big kick out of The Hanging but I was walking by and saw the last part of it. I gasped during one part of Possessed so I guess that was good.


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                Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

                Possessed is my favorite show at Haunt this year. Also was able to get my picture taken with "Maggie" which totally made my entire night. Going back on Nov. 2nd for the very last night. Went Sunday Oct 20th crowds weren't bad. Able to do all the mazes twice except since we had previously done Mirror Mirror on a prior visit skipped it, End Games (this maze needs to go) and Slaughterhouse. All the other mazes were done twice, log ride and mine ride and saw Possessed. Overall the best night at Haunt this year yet.


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                  Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

                  Possessed was a huge letdown, kinda sorry I wasted our group's time on it based on the recommendations I saw for it on here.

                  It had a better concept than last year's Haunt Unearthed, but the acting was terrible, and the big surprise at the end...was the exact same thing they did last year.

                  Maggie can go play with herself.


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                    Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

                    We went to Knotts Scary Farm last night, I hadn't been since 2008. It wasn't to crowded at first, we were there for the rope drop. We managed to make it through 7 mazes and a few rides, including the refurbed Log Ride (which wasn't made over for the event). Since we got there early and were at the front of one of the rope drop locations, we were able to get 5 mazes done in under an hour, not too shabby. They had 4 mazes nearly side by side in the southeast corner of the park near Ghost Rider. This made it very easy to exit one maze and jump in line for another. In fact I believe when you exited the third maze(Dominion of the Damned), you were automatically placed in line for the 4th maze(Delirium).

                    The list of mazes and rides we hit in order:
                    1. Gunslingers Grave
                    2. Trick or Treat
                    3. Endgames
                    4. Dominion of the Damned
                    5. Delirium
                    6. Pinocchio Unstrung
                    - Bumper Cars
                    - Log Ride
                    - Jaguar
                    7. Slaughterhouse

                    Then we bailed.

                    All in all it was pretty cool, like I said we knocked out the first 5 mazes in under an hour. At 8:15 my friend proposed to his g/f, this was the whole reason for going, it was pretty cool as we had a big group, and he had some of the monsters involved with it. After that we broke off from the large group and hit Pinocchio Unstrung, which ended up being our longest line, around 30 minutes.

                    Next year we have vowed to go to USHN and buy the fast pass thing. Every year we say we are going to do it, but never do. Knott's was fun but I think I'll be cool if I waited another 5 years to attend.


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                      Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

                      Going on regular rides at Haunt...tsk tsk.


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                        Re: Knott's Halloween Haunt 2013 (My Review)

                        You didn't like Possessed. each their own. Possessed is by far the best show there at Haunt next to The Hanging. This year it was short and compared to the previous year Unearthed this one went right to the point and to me was more creepy than just last year's. The ending is similar to last years when the doors open to the theater BUT the show itself the buildup to the ending makes it definitely suspenseful. Also after the show managed to talk to Jeff Tucker and meet Maggie. I can't wait to go on Nov 2nd for one last trip this season.


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