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First time to KBF since 1994


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  • [Question] First time to KBF since 1994

    Like my topic entitles, I have not been to KBF since 1994 when I was introduced to the pog's craze. I know they refurbished the log ride and improved it and they added a few more rollercoasters, but what other major things have been changed, Any new major must ride rides, any new shows or events? I will be going back next month and am looking forward to seeing KBF for the first time in 20 years. Thanks!

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    Re: First time to KBF since 1994

    Kingdom of the Dinosaurs is gone. Also, because of Silver Bullet inverted coaster, the Reflection Lake (along with the water show and summer fireworks that goes with it, and Walter K Steamboat ride) is gone and Church of Reflections was relocated across the street. The Camp Snoopy train ride is much shorter because the lake is pretty much gone.

    Wacky Soap Box Racers became the painful Windjammer dual coaster which is now Xcelerator coaster.

    Greased Lightning, Pacific Pavilion dolphin show and Whirlpool became Perilous Plunge which is now a couple spinner rides (one is the former Whirlpool, now outdoors as Pacific Scrambler) and a mad mouse coaster.

    Have fun!
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      Re: First time to KBF since 1994

      If you haven't seen Mystery Lodge (or even if you have!), that is well worth a visit, but think that was brand-new in 1994 so may have not experienced it before. Most of all just mosey through Ghost Town, go in all the little shops, look at the peek-in's and the Museum and so forth - I always find that very enjoyable and a lot has been 'refreshed' in recent times.
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        Re: First time to KBF since 1994

        The bad news: Cedar Fair, really did a lot of damage to the park since you've last been there.

        The good news: There's still plenty that's there. Everything they've updated lately has been for the better and they finally have somebody at the helm who gets it.

        The only bummer about your trip is that the Mine Ride is closed.

        That just means you'll have to plan another trip once it opens
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          Re: First time to KBF since 1994

          You're probably going to find many great things missing or altered and wind up disappointed. But if you knew all the carnage that happened between then and now, and saw what they're doing to restore things, you'd be quite pleased overall.
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