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    Originally posted by deadwinterskies View Post

    This is no longer the case. It allows new pass holders to come (or renewing pass holders to bring a friend) ONCE in the current calendar year with a cutoff in mid-December.

    And regarding you message in the post above this one, on Saturday night we got to Infected first when we were let in early after the Boo-fet, but others had the same idea and beat us there. The line attendants said they might be setting up for another 5 or 10 minutes so we went to Dark Ride and got in its short line. When we then returned to Infected there was NO line, and we were a party of two, which was fun. Then we went to VooDoo, which also had NO line.

    Thanks to the Knott's monsters for giving guests their full enthusiastic attention, even when there were just two of us. Last year I went to Red Barn and seemed to be the only guest in the maze, and the monsters went all out for me.