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2017 Mazes--WHich Will Return, Which Will Not?

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  • 2017 Mazes--WHich Will Return, Which Will Not?

    it is nit hatrd to katch onto certain mazes and mourn them after their run, but it does get to a point when favorite mazes must be retired, so others can take their places. So, which Mazes do you think will return, and which will be retired?
    My guesses:

    PARANORMAL: I think this maze could be altered every other year, and truly has the potential for an extremely long, long run, provided all the showrunners kep it fresh.

    RED BARN: Definitely a return next year--I loved the creepiness of it, and it picks up where Slaughterhouse left off. I can see this going for the next 3 seasons.

    SHADOWLANDS: See above.

    SPECIAL OPS: As I stated about Paranormal, with tinkering every other year, another long-time mainstay.

    GUNSLINGER: I have found I am not alone here, in saying, this maze never truly found its groove. The Western idea is ingenius, but, I think it has totally run its course. Definitely, if up to me, would be replaced in 2017.

    TOOTH FAIRY: Great maze, but it does nothing for me now. Will be missed, but needs to be retired before it becomes too boring and mundane.

    TRICK OR TREAT: On one hand, since it represents Halloween better than any other maze ever, in the fact is focuses on trick or treating and Halloween, it COULD remain longer, if everyone involved found a new twist, and changed its complexity, while keeping its fundamental idea. Otherwise, it has become old.

    DEAD OF WINTER: Nothing ingenius, just a maze to me. I would give it another 2 seasons. By then, it will become the last maze on everyones list to visit.

    VOODOO: A few minor tweaks next season, easily could stick around another 2 seasons. A keeper.

    So, for 2017, if up to me, I see the mazes being Paranormal, Red Barn, Shadowland, Special ops, Dead of Winter, voodoo plus 3 new mazes. So, what's YOUR call?

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    I think we've reached a time where some mazes are going to hang around a bit longer than they used to. This was Trick or Treat's 5th year and Gunslinger's 4th I believe. I think we'll see those 2 go, but I'm almost positive Tooth Fairy will be around next year.

    I was genuinely surprised to see Black Magic and Forevermore go (neither were my favorites, but they were relatively young).


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      Trick or Treat needs to leave as does Gunslinger. I could lose Voodoo too. It's pretty, but it doesn't have a lot of scares designed into it. Paranormal Inc is incredible, but I'm wondering how long it will be repeatable, especially with the live actors. I wonder if we'll see some 3D mazes in the upcoming years and they have fallen off the roster completely.
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        Trick or Treat and Gunslinder need to go...they are just way too old and not interesting enough to stay around. The rest will stay
        Happy Halloween!!!


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          Trick or Treat, Gunslinger's Grave and possibly Tooth Fairy would all be my guesses as well.