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Knotts on New Years Eve. Will it be busy?

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  • Knotts on New Years Eve. Will it be busy?

    Hi Everyone. I'm contemplating taking my wife and child to Knott's Berry Farm this Saturday and was wondering if anyone knew what the crowds would be like. My last experience in a theme park on a new years eve was when I worked a shift at Disneyland over 15 years ago and swore I'd never voluntarily visit the park on a NYE again. So, is Knott's going to be anything like that or not nearly as bad? We'd like to go before the holiday stuff is gone but trying to figure out if it's worth it. I'd appreciate any insight anyone would care to share. Thanks.

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    I was there last night and, no, it wasn't bad at all. Maybe due to the rain earlier in the day keeping people away, but it cleared up and the view of the fireworks from the Calico Mine Stage area was fantastic. I was able to see every act I was interested in, including 2nd row seats for Kirk and the Hillbillies and the Magician. Got right up next to the stage for reflexx, the DJ music and Opa Opa (where I enjoyed my usual Tostada), fantastic seating for the Snoopy on Ice, and no long lines anyplace getting food or drinks. Never once felt crowded or stressed. The rides I went on were practically no wait as well.

    The sound Montage they played during the fireworks was great, by the way: when Carrie (as Princess Leia) said "Help me Obie Wan Kenobi" I teared up. Just could help myself.

    It never fails to amaze me that this is included in my dirt cheap annual pass every year.


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      knotts is an underdog in so cal

      "To All Who Come To This Happy Place Your Welcome!"