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18 Guests Stuck on Sky Cabin Tonight

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  • 18 Guests Stuck on Sky Cabin Tonight

    Looks like they are trying to figure something out. Saying something about getting them down by ropes and harness because the fire truck's ladder doesn't go that high.
    A ride at Knott's Berry Farm became stuck 130 feet in the air; sparking a rescue operation from fire crews on Friday.
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    A crowded day at Disneyland beats a busy day of housework!!

    According to my princess, its not Star Wars land its "You stole my goats away from me!! progress land"

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    Yipes. I was on that ride with my family a few days ago. We love it because the line is always short and it's nice and relaxing when it doesn't leave you stranded high in the air for a few hours.


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      So what if it had been Supreme Scream getting stuck at the top? The fire truck ladders certainly wouldn't have reached that far, and then what? Helicopter? This is why I never do towers!