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    Went to Knotts last Monday, primarily to catch the wonderful Christmas ice skating show. When we exited off of the 91 going south on Beach we were immediately met with a traffic jam. We'd never seen it backed up all the way to the 91 (we arrived around noon). We worked our way over to the left lane and just avoided the main entrance to the parking lot. We'd never done that before and were stoked to find they had another option - the South parking lot just past the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel off of Crescent. So we grabbed a spot and headed towards the park entrance - I'm guessing that lot probably filled up within the next 30 minutes.

    We decided to walk through the hotel to check that out and were stoked to see the Amber Waves restaurant. Given how crazy packed the park seemed to be, we were dreading the situation at all of the eateries inside. There just doesn't seem to be enough seating at any location when it's crowded like that and the wait for the food can be a bit too long. Meanwhile, the Amber Waves restaurant was empty and we were seated right away.

    Well we loved the food. I had the Hawaiian chicken. My girlfriend had chicken quesadillas. And we got our daughter a side of veggies and some fries. If anything we were annoyed that we just discovered this place a few days before our passes expire. Ah well.

    I looked on yelp and was surprised to see the mixed reviews for the place. We really like the decor. The service was great. And we liked the food. So I'm curious if other micechatters have eaten there and what there experience has been. And also if other folks consider this a good option to avoid the crowded dining scene inside the park.

    We live so close to Knotts, even with our passes expired, we plan on hitting Amber Waves from time to time.
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    My wife and I usually have at least one,if not two meals there when we stay at the resort. So far we haven't been disappointed , however, we haven't been there when they have been really "slammed", which is the true test of a dining venue.


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      Amber Waves has been my go to pre-Knotts watering hole for awhile. It's especially nice before the Haunt when Friday's and Mrs Knotts' bars are jammed packed.
      Pro tip: from the 91 exit Knott Ave and take that all the way to Crescent. Left on Crescent a few blocks and the crescent lot is just past Western. If that lot happens to be closed continue on Crescent and turn left on Beach. There's another entrance to the main lot just past Soak City and Independence Hall to the right that usually will have a much shorter wait than the one coming from the freeway.
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