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Sol Spin, the new Knott's thrill ride for 2017

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  • Sol Spin, the new Knott's thrill ride for 2017

    Sol Spin, the new Knott's thrill ride for 2017, seems like an off-the-shelf attempt to get visitors to buy an extra meal after they throw one up. It won't inspire us to get the season pass this year.
    [UPDATE: Jesterman in the post below this one knows a lot more about rides & Knott's than I do, so it might be cool. I'm just not into spinning that much. (I did love Windseeker because I loved being up 300', and would like to ride a 400' version of that ride in Texas.)
    I'll keep this post up though so I can read more opinions on this.]

    If you're taking requests, Knott's, I'd like a year-round, Western-themed haunted house that could be plussed at the Scary Farm.
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    It may be an off the shelf ride, but it's not a common one. Very are very few installations of this ride in the US, so that makes it fairly unique. And Knott's has been known for it's unique flat rides (Tampico Tumbler, anyone? XK-1? Parachute Drop? Loop Trainer? Fiesta Wheel? Mexican Whip? Propeller Spin? The indoor scrambler, I think called Whirlpool? And Whirlwind?). And Magic Mountain certainly isn't bringing any flat rides, so it's up to Knott's to make their own mark.

    Is it a major draw for most GP? Maybe not. But I'm personally looking very forward to it... this is a fun ride.
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      Just want to point out that this opened on Friday. I was there Saturday but didn't ride it (was doing Boysenberry Festival stuff).
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