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Food suggestions for boysenberry festival

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  • Food suggestions for boysenberry festival

    Roast duck with boysenberry sauce instead of plum sauce. Probably made with hoisin and boysenberry BBQ sauce.

    Alternatively, fried pork belly, with skin on.

    Served with rice or little pancakes with some green onion and cucumber.
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    Thanks! My daughter & I like your duck idea.

    1. How about Boysenberry pancakes?
    2. Boysenberry croissants. (Go to the Cream Pan--a amazing Japanese bakery in Tustin for inspiration via their strawberry croissants.)
    3. Boysenberry cream puffs
    4. Boysenberry frozen custard, sherbet, ice cream, and to rival the Tiki Room stand at Disneyland: Boysenberry Whip!
    5. Boysenberry chicken 'n' waffles.
    6. Spam, Span, Boysenberries, Spam, Spam, Spam, Boysenberries & Spam!

    And have a Boysenberry art where kids and adults (competing but not against each other), paint using only boysenberries.

    And for Monty Python fans, a demonstration of Boysenberry self-defense on stage. ("He attacked me with a Boysenberry!")


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      Love the cream pan. Yes, Boysenberry Croissants would be great!
      Dumbo rats: the other lovable rodents.


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        I've posted this several times, but years ago I was able to go to my local grocery store and buy Knott's Boysenberry Fudge Swirl Ice Cream (It's been so long I've forgotten the actual name). I've asked about it several times, but no one at Knott's remembers anything about it. I would give my eye teeth to be able to buy it again
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          Goat cheese covered in a boysenberry chipotle sauce with crackers.
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            Fried camembert (or Baked Brie) with Boysenberry preserves. Image result for fried camembert with jam

            Summer Pudding made with Boysenberries.

            This is making me hungry!

            Oh! How about a Monte Cristo sandwich with Boysenberry jam on the side?
            Dumbo rats: the other lovable rodents.