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*POLL* what should happen to Knott's Boardwalk?

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  • *POLL* what should happen to Knott's Boardwalk?

    What do you think the fate of Knott's current "Boardwalk" section should be?
    Keep it as is, I'm fine with the Boardwalk theme
    Change it back to The Roaring 20's
    Change it to something else besides The Roaring 20's, or The Boardwalk

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    I am not a fan of the boardwalk theme in the same way I find Paradise Pier lacking... there is no ocean/beach. That is the centerpiece of boardwalk and it's missing from both. Just having water isn't the same. I think it is a problematic concept for a theme. How do you recreate the ocean? It would take money, risk, innovation, and pure ambition. I don't see it happening; thus I say scrap and start fresh.

    If you do keep it, then do the 20's theme, but it should be more prevalent than it was before... add live period characters dressed to nines. Go over the top with the lights. Put in a great show. Do something to distract that the boardwalk is landlocked.


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      Pretty much what Jesser said. The new boardwalk theme is very bland at best.


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        Yea, i dont really like the current theme, it is seriously lacking theme, knotts definitely needs to take some risks.


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          Unless you have an Epcot sized body of water, I think any beach theme is destined to fail (unless you're Tokyo DisneySea). That area is currently a mess thematically. The Schultz theater and Wheeler Dealers are still Roaring 20s. Voyage and the arcade have a steampunk theme. Coaster Rider and the two spinners have the boardwalk theme. Xcelerator is 50s muscle cars. Supreme Scream has the Toyota advertising. The SkyCabin has its current patriotic paint job (I kind of miss the checked airfield look). Not really sure what theme they could come up with that would tie everything together.
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            The problem is going for something that seems hip and trendy at the time ... but falls out of favor later. This has happened twice for this area now.

            Now look at the areas of Knotts that have taken on classic status for DECADES .........

            The old west - GHOST TOWN. The rocky / mountain terrain of both Calico Mine Train and Timber Mountain Log Ride. They sort of continued this .. with the wilderness area where the river raft ride is, and Mystery Lodge. Fiesta Village now - It's gone through some changes over the years. I don't know if one wants to call it trendy for 70s audiences or looks fine to this day. I don't know.

            But the upper corner by Western Ave and La Palma ...... I know what they should have done ages ago...........

            See this .............

            Forget this is the doomed GYPSY CAMP ... What they did right ... they continued the theming from Ghost Town and the mountain type look of Calico Mine trains and the log ride .. and gave a needed tasteful looking berm from watching cars driving by on Western Ave.

            Instead of wasting money on Roaring 20s ... that's pretty much all gone after 15 years ... and now even the 10-15 year old Boardwalk keeps losing the rides it initially built ......... All they had to do .. was get rid of the Gypsy themed costumes employees where wearing ... stop calling it Gypsy Camp ... and you got this terrain that matches the Calico Mine Trains and Timber Mountain Log ride ... and build a few other attractions that match this "Sierra Mountains" type look - and you got this classic look ... that won't become dated.

            Just a quick history lesson .... before Roaring 20s was a thought .... the Knott family did want to build a ride to expand Gypsy Camp - called Knott's Bear-Y Tales (remember .. it had a theme going to a gypsy fair?). I have no idea how much PC flack they might have copped with a Gypsy themed land. Got cold feet colder than in a bucket of ice in Antarctica ... and made a wild opposite swing to ditch the "Sierra Mtns" type look altogether. A waste of money demolishing all that. Just to create something that has been changed twice now ... and still doesn't look right.

            All they had to do was leave that Sierra Mtn look alone, that they built in that picture above...... and I'd love to see a new Knott's Bear-Y Tales, and some other similar rides to match the over-arching theme ..of the rustic Western half of the United States.

            Stop going for trendy .. modern/y looking places with views of Western Ave and La Palma! That all end up biting the dust just 10 years later ... and then ask themselves ... Why did we bother spending so much money on something that ends up being there only temporarily?!

            It's a stark contrast from the modern buildings to the back side of Timber Mtn Log Ride, and the train that rounds this area would benefit from an area that looks more fitting for an 1800s steam train!

            MY SIGNATURE:
            Dear Peoplemover Fans, If you want to see a new attraction that at least mimics the 1967 Peoplemover in a future Tomorrowland remodel, you need to write to the powers-that-be, and let them know. If you don't - Then the next time Tomorrowland is remodeled, you will see a land barren of any "Peoplemover" type attraction.