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Cannot recommend Boo-fet anymore


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    We are going this year again on October 11th , and doing the Boo-fet as it gets us in early, and is also in their all inclusive ticket. So hopefully it is at least editable lol


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      Originally posted by Bluemeane View Post

      So was it because we were some of the first guests there? I mean it seemed pretty full but someone here mentioned they had to walk UNDER Ghost rider to reach their seating. And that doesn't seem anything like what we did. I have attached a rough drawing on google maps, of where we turned in our tickets/Got badges and cup (We had fast/fright lane badges), where we walked in to get food, and where we ate. It was like a single large room, and as the right hand side as you entered in they had a section they could close off that held all the food, and we were at the first table towards the door, and closest to the food. Click image for larger version

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      Yeah, it was weird. We checked in at the tables and then followed the group through the big gates, walked through that nasty smelling area under GR and eventually entered through Spurs, and were lead to our table in the back corner of the GTG.

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        The last time I had the pre-scare BOO-fet was at the hotel, and it was great. Sounds like I've been way out of the loop!
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