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Halloween Hootenanny Log Ride is a fantastic overlay

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  • Halloween Hootenanny Log Ride is a fantastic overlay

    We had a chance to visit Knott's this past weekend. We sampled some of the daytime Halloween activities, like trick or treating in Ghost Town, the friendly scary-themed actors in Ghost Town taking photos with visitors, and live spiders and snakes with animal handlers inside the barn.

    We also had a chance to ride the Halloween-themed overlay for Timber Mountain Log Ride, called Halloween Hootenanny Log Ride. They had a giant skull on top of the mountain (little bit cheesy), jack-o-lanterns stuck on the wood poles in the lagoon, and new signs on the outside of the ride. But the inside of the ride is where the overlay really shines.Click image for larger version

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    The residents of Calico are a little off somehow throughout the ride, using different cutting tools and with strange shadows on the walls. There are aliens along the outside flume, along with other monsters from past Knott's Scary Farm attractions in the second half, including zombies and werewolves, and the Green Witch from a couple years back has a prominent role in the ride narrative.

    Plus the new song written by Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies plays throughout the attraction, giving it a Haunted Mansion feel (with "Grim Grinning Ghosts"?) as the various humans and monsters swing in time to the new song. I wish I had some photos to share, but I can never take good photos on a moving flume ride because I can't focus the camera on a still image. I'm hoping someone takes a video of the overlay attraction and puts in up on YouTube so everyone can see it.

    I like the Christmas overlays at Disneyland a lot, both for Small World and for Haunted Mansion, but don't think that the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay doesn't work so well for the Halloween season. This overlay is the best I've seen at a Southern California theme park specifically for the Halloween season. If you're a Knott's passholder, or like Halloween a lot, I highly recommend visiting before November 1st to see a great Halloween themed park at Knott's this year (not talking about Scary Farm.)

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    We went on it Saturday night and I also really enjoyed it. I don't know the exact term to use, but it had that kind of cheesey/kitchey feel, in a good way. I was cracking up when you passed by the grizzly bear and it said "Happy Halloween" in a deep and cheerful voice!


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      I agree! This overlay was one of the highlights of the night for me. Loved the talking bear near the end too!


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        This is cool. As a passholder I'll be hitting the park earlier and going on a few rides before I go to the Boofet, so I'll be hoping on this first. I'm going this coming Saturday.


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          I'm glad that they're not covering the heads with burlap bags during the day. That always looked ... disturbing.

          They do have scare actors in there at night (I'm assuming they're not there in the day) so even if you've been on it during the day don't skip it at night if you want that extra thrill, especially with a short line.