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  • Knotts - Where the Livin' Is Easy

    Struck me this weekend that in general, people seem relaxed and in a good mood at Knotts. While at Disneyland, with all that goes with it - crowds, expectations, costs, stress - this is often not the case.

    The place feels like a village where one goes with family for a modestly good time, at low cost. Disneyland is more Manhattan - lots more there, but you pay for it in many ways.

    Plus even with the roller coaster dominance at Knotts, much of it - Ghost Town, Calico Square (part of it), Bigfoot Rapids area, Camp Snoopy, the Marketplace - is very green, shaded, with lovely mature large trees (I love the pepper trees in Ghost Town).

    And to smaller children - the family thing - what Knotts has is often enough. This weekend and all October weekends they have Spooky Farm. Is it up to Disney's upcharge version? No. But it's very nice, with candy stations, Halloween themed entertainment, characters in Ghost Town in ghostly getups.

    Crowds outside of Spring break, Christmas week and major holidays are very reasonable.. Even Summer weekends aren't too bad.

    It's just a friendly, comfortable place to be, and you can see that in most of the people there.
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    Yes, my family and I have been passholders at Knott's since 2013. We used to go 2-3 times a year to Disneyland, but we haven't been there in about two years now.

    On Saturdays, when we like to visit, it is crowded from maybe 10 am through the rest of the day, many of the people are stressed out, there seems to be a competitive mindset about fastpass vs. standby, beating people to get in line, finding a better place for the parade. It's just very tiring.

    I agree with all the positive things you have to say about Knott's Berry Farm. I also think the park still has a little bit of educational purpose, with little museums, the bug museum (which sadly has closed last summer), the California mission models, Independence Hall across the street, and a very active educational program with local schools.


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      SOmething about DIsneyland, people suddenly leave their manners and respect towards other at the front door. It is too spastic, overbearing and in a sense obnoxious. Knott's has a way about it that no one ever feels in a hurry, and it is like a walk in the park, so to speak.


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        This year I am an Knott's AP holder, the previous year I was a west coast Disney AP holder. Its been interesting to compare both experiences, that's for sure.

        So far I've found Knott's way less hectic throughout most of the year, with a few exceptions (mainly Halloween and the Boysenberry Festival), than the west coast Disney parks. Also, Knott's visitors seem way more relaxed. Disney has the rudest, most physically aggressive rope droppers at park opening that I have ever seen at in any theme park, so even going early doesn't help at all. If Knott's had a special event going on, they fully staffed their park, unlike Disney where many times the park could be wall to wall people but have a skeleton crew of employees working and the rides operating at half capacity because it was "off season, we didn't expect so many people to show up at XXX special event we advertised."

        I also happened to have done two food festivals this year: Disney's Food and Wine Festival at Epcot and Knott's Boysenberry Festival. I enjoyed Knott's Boysenberry Festival much more than Disney's Food and Wine, despite Disney having way more booths and food varieties. Both events were equally crowded, but I found the visitors at Knotts to be much nicer to each other, less drunk and more attentive to their kids (if they brought any). Disney had a larger selection of food and alcohol, but alot of the offerings they had were just plain gross, to the point where it made me wonder: did anyone even taste test this stuff first? At least the food at Knott's was edible, the portions were larger, and food and alcohol cost way less.

        I'm sure I could go on more, but suffice it to say, I've been enjoying my Knott's AP this year much more than my Disney AP year.


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          Knott's Berry Farm is to me.......very just a friendly, comfortable ,relax place, to be
          and always I feel WELCOME there !

          and the food in most case ,is very good .
          Soaring like an EAGLE !


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