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  • What / Who Replaces Elvira

    I am sure Elvira took up quite a bit of budget, so next year, when she's gone, what do you think Knott's will do to replace her. Ed Lonzo has been absent for awhile, that's a thought. I am hoping the excess money goes into bringing back some of the other acts that are no longer in the park, eg Blood Drums. I sure miss those shows. But they have to have some sort of show for Elvira's departure. What do you think?

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    There was a rumor that Ed Alonzo told some fans he is coming back next year.


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      UGH...Ed Alonzo would be such a let down if they brought him back. I'm tired of magic shows!! They need to have a musical variety show based around a Halloween theme, and keep the amazing & talented dancers that are currently appearing with Elvira!!
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