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Knotts Fast Lane and Parent Swap question

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  • Knotts Fast Lane and Parent Swap question

    Hi, I am a DL passholder now, but I think next year we are going to try to get a knotts annual pass instead. We are thinking whether or not to get the fast lane pass for the year, which costs and extra $500, which is very pricey so we want to make sure its worth it if we are usually going to go on weekends. There are 3 adults and 2 toddlers, so I'm not sure all the adults need a fast lane pass since we all can't go together anyways since someone has to stay with the kids. I'm trying to figure out if we should get 1 or 2 fast lane passes, or if we need one.
    I was also wondering how their parent swap works. In DL its easy to use the rider switch because we tell them at the beginning, and then the kids don't have to wait in line, and we can push them for their nap in their strollers, but from what I'm reading, at Knotts, all of us would have to wait in line? And does anybody know if you can use the fast lane and parent swap together, so there isn't as much waiting time and we can just swap? Thanks for your help!

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    Sorry, don't have any useful information about this. We've had Season Passes for a few years, but never used the parent swap and used the Fast Lane just once.

    The one time was a bonus in Nov/Dec one year for renewing our passes. I can say that the Fast Lane is almost always through the exit of the ride. I've never heard of parent swap for rides at Knott's, but I think your best bet is to calll guest relations at the park. The number should be listed on the Knott's website.