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Knott's Announces HangTime Preview Days for Passholders

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  • Knott's Announces HangTime Preview Days for Passholders

    Ride the all-new HangTime before it opens to the public! Knott’s Passholders can enjoy exclusive ride time on May 11 & 12 from 10am – 8pm and on May 13 from 10am – 6pm. Simply present your pass at the ride entrance to enjoy the thrills of the First and Only Dive Coaster in California.
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    Thanks, DeadWinterSkies!


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      I will be waiting to hear impressions of this ride...hoping its good
      Happy Halloween!!!


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        Ride spoilers-

        I was able to go to Knott's on the Friday (May 11) season pass preview to ride HangTime. The line was pleasantly short that day (noonish). About 30 minutes. Nice surf/beach theming in the queue. The loading is a slow go since riders need to stow their loose items in the cubbies (like with Silver Bullet, etc.) and the workers (farm hands?) need to check the seat belts and lap bar restraints before giving the thumbs up. They were using all 3 trains. The straight up lift is a wee bit nerve-racking but builds lots of excitement. Upon cresting the top and creeping oh so slowly downward with a short pause, the anticipation gets the "thrill" element really going. Swoosh! Now we're smoothly flying thru the loops and turns, getting a wee bit disoriented where I exactly was on the track layout. At least that was how it was for me. Oh, and of course they snap your pic near the end of the ride. You exit into the new (and nice) gift shop. Tho there is an exit gate to the right before getting to the shop.
        I really enjoyed the smooth curving looping this ride offers. However, I need to pace myself on these type of rides. Once I got my land legs back I went for a repeat ride (twice).