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Knotts needs a Peanuts dark ride


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  • Knotts needs a Peanuts dark ride

    And why not? The park is the original home of the peanuts and knotts is Cedar Fairs most popular park not to mention it’s the tenth most attended park in the US only behind Disney and universal. The company makes more than a billion dollars a year and can surely make a great dark ride based on Snoopy and the gang. If Six flags can do it with the DC justice league property, surely cedar fair can do it as well and begs the question why wouldn’t cedar fair want to make a dark ride based on their most famous IP? it could pay off big to have sally Corp make a peanuts ride for the park and make it a must do for those who come visit disney and universal. What do you think?
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    Since you ask what I think, I'd prefer a Ghost Town adjacent ride through haunted house
    with three live actors (one in a live Pepper's ghost scene),
    and a track extension into another area that only opens at Halloween.
    This could be PG scary, but made scarier during Scary Farm with different music & some extra monsters & AAs.

    And while I have Knotts' attention,
    hire Jack Crack (Firewhip) to entertain for 6 of the winter months,
    when he isn't working as one of the best entertainers at America's Reniassance Faires.
    He's hilarious and I once saw him put a beer on top of an inside-down paper cup,
    then whip out the paper cup, with the beer falling straight down & not spilling. Enough said.


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