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Who will be killed at the Hanging?


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  • Who will be killed at the Hanging?

    They'll kill that K pop band, BTS, of course.
    Jeffrey Epstein will be raised from the dead so he can be killed.
    They'll mock Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge.
    Trump, if they've got the guts and balance it out with his potential Democratic rivals.
    Pennywise might do some killing.
    Stranger Things again.
    Avengers. Again. Sigh.
    Brad Pitt and QuentinTarantino getting their kicked by Bruce Lee.
    Our awesome new Mexican American heavyweight champ, Andy Ruiz, who looks more like a contestant at Nathan's hod dog contest.

    Who & what else will be killed & mocked at The Hanging in 2019?
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    If they do Trump... they will probably do Clinton as well or Obama.
    Royal baby maybe?


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      Bob Chapek!
      Big Thunder Ranch > Galaxys Edge


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        To elaborate on Galaxy's edge: two cowboys will walk into a depressing, desolate place and will spit nasty, overpriced blue & green drinks into each other's faces.

        Spiderman will be bummed he was removed from the Marvel Universe.

        I'd enjoy seeing all ten candidates from last night's debate getting it + Steyer (who bought his way into the next debate in Oct.) & Williamson. A number of Republicans should meet the same fate.
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          Originally posted by jcruise86 View Post

          I'd enjoy seeing all ten candidates from last night's debate getting it + Steyer (who bought his way into the next debate in Oct.) & Williamson. A number of Republicans should meet the same fate.
          The problem with the Hanging is that the real life nastiness, pathos and absurdity of our politicians and the reports that cover them is hard to top. At least, not with children present.

          How about killing Thanos...again? That guy was obnoxious and pretty ambitious in his evilness. Wipe out the entire population of the universe and replace it with grateful worshippers? Yeah, hanging's too good for that guy!
          Dumbo rats: the other lovable rodents.


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            Add Sean Spicer & his shirt!
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              I was way, way off in my death predictions, but not 100% off, and won't give anything away.
              I thought it was one of the best Hanging shows I've seen (probably one of my top 2 or 3 favorites out of about 9),
              and it was definitely the one I've seen the that beat fit the story of Ghost Town.
              The actor who plays the devil who played old Shatner in a cart in the past is my favorite performer at any haunt event. What's his name?
              The women really shined this year. I was glad to be there with my teenage daughter. (I know, bad dad!)
              Great stunt work too!

              But this show had no ending, and most of the people in the show I was at stood there expecting more. We left not knowing if it was over because we wanted to catch the Puppet Up that was scheduled to start exactly 30 minutes after The Hanging started. They need to add an ending before next week's shows. Or at least say ("Continued next year!") and have all the lights come up.


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                Sadly “Continued next year.....” won’t be a thing.

                All I’ll say is... RIP “The Hanging” 1975 - 2019.


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                  So, lots of rumors going around that this will be the last year of, "the hanging", as we know it.

                  This does not surprise me.

                  I haven't seen this years "hanging" yet, but I've been told it's very lack-luster.

                  I saw last years "hanging" and it was such a huge disappointment. They toned down the show considerably, to the point where it was extremely boring. It seemed a lot more "PC" and with the "me too" movement being so popular now, they cut out so much of what the "hanging" was known for.

                  And hearing who they end up hanging THIS year is a clear indication the show is going away.

                  If Knott's were smart, they return "the hanging" as it used to be years ago. When the show had a very spooky/scary theme to it, when they hung one of the Calico women for doing witchcraft and being "a witch". It was awesome!

                  Or, they can re-create "the hanging" like they did for KSF 40th Anniversary, when they hung the green witch at the midnight showing.

                  Only time will tell what will happen next year...
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