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Best maze order/crowd levels for scary farm?


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  • Best maze order/crowd levels for scary farm?

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been highly anticipating attending Scary Farm for years, but this Saturday will be my first time attending. I don’t think I will be able to do the fright pass for front of the lines, but I will be there right at opening! I consider myself pretty theme park savvy but was wondering if any of the experts had an order of mazes/areas of the park to hit first/last in order to maximize my time and the amount of mazes I can see while there. Or if there’s any “can’t miss” mazes. Thanks in advance for any tips you can provide!

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    Here's the 2019 map.

    The best strategy is to go to what's new first, and this year that's #1 on the map, Wax Works, which puts you in the immediate vicinity of three other mazes and early on you shouldn't have too much trouble with lines. Origins (#5 on the map) is the other new one for this year so probably try that next. Infected is right near Origins, but that tends to have a long line due to its light gun gimmick. I saved that for late at night and had a brief wait. Dark Ride (#7) is one of my favorites and Shadowlands (#8) is close by, hidden behind Xcelerator, and I'd be surprised if it got much of a line on a busy night. It still being early in the season should work to your advantage.

    You'll also be walking through "scare zones" with rabid monsters eager to do what monsters do, and themeing is everywhere so it's not just about the mazes. Make sure to enjoy the general ambience. Do the shows if you like shows. My thoughts on Puppet Up are in a different thread, but the magician in the Bird Cage theater was a lot of fun and seeing magic live is very different from watching it on TV.


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