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A return to the non-comedic version of the hanging has potential and can also be tied in to the Origins maze as the current Hanging show is. I remembered when they did the midnight witch hanging back in 2012 for the 40th Haunt.
It would be cool if they did something like Ghost town Alive, where some of the undead Citizens of Calico and the other "lands" enlist your help identifying and rounding up the witches and warlocks and their familiars during the night, collect them in holding cells, then periodically march them to the stage in chains and hang them as the night progresses. The grand finale would be to capture and hang the Green Witch, herself...or, perhaps she would always manage to escape and live to fight another day.

Hence, "Ghost Town Undead." I'd even like to see some of the peek-ins and "shops" populated with the undead citizens going about their ghostly activities. Perhaps the barber could paint you with blood and exposed bones rather than a mustache and beard.

Something like this was be so far and away better than anything Disney or Universal does for Halloween, and Knott's could totally do it. They are already doing this for Summer and not even charging an upcharge! And they already have actors roaming around interacting with guests, but there is no story behind it. Put a story behind it, tie it in with the hanging and the Origins Maze, and there you go.

Wow, this would be an amazing way to celebrate Knott's 100th year!