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So I've been doing a series of articles ranking my top Haunt mazes of all time.


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  • So I've been doing a series of articles ranking my top Haunt mazes of all time.

    Let me preface by saying that I live and breathe Knott's Scary Farm. I have gone every single year for the last 16 years, my upcoming trip this weekend marking my 17th season in a row. It was something special I shared with my dad and I look forward to it more than anything else in the year. I recently started writing for The Grand Geek Gathering (freelance stuff, I'm not a paid journalist and receive no monetary compensation for my work), I have a weekly segment called "The Pulse" where I do a top 10 countdown. This is actually the first month for The Pulse and to kick things off I actually decided to do a Knott's Scary Farm special where I am counting down and ranking every single maze I have personally gone through over the last decade and a half (plus a couple years) of Knott's Scary Farm. That's over 60 mazes I had to sort through and rank. Next week will mark the final entry in this special edition where I will at last count down my top 10 Haunt mazes. Was hoping to share it with the Micechat community, provided that it's ok (and I do apologize if not, like I said I receive no compensation for this I just want to share my passion with likeminded folk).

    In this multi-part inuagural edition of The Pulse, Mike counts down every single Knott's Scary Farm maze he has been through over the last 16 years.

    In part 1 of The Pulse's Knott's Scary Farm Special, Mike breaks down his bottom 22 mazes in his personal Halloween Haunt history.

    This week on The Pulse, we're counting down the next 10 mazes in Mike's Halloween Haunt special! From vampires and cannibals to spiders and...Sesame Street?

    Ghosts, clowns, vampires and...the tooth fairy? It's a new edition of The Pulse and Mike is counting down the first half of his top 20 Knott's mazes!

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    Fun. I've been going at least every other year since 2000 (with two very early visits in '77 and '78 on school trips, but then not again until 2000) so it's certainly a trip down memory lane.

    You have it low on your list, but I remember really enjoying the mirror maze. I went first thing so didn't have a long wait, but liked it so much I got back in line and waited for it again. I found it very confusing and the actors, after scaring me, would eventually have to guide me through.


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      Glad you enjoyed it! I had a blast going through everything and the memories came flooding back, most quite good, some not so much (seriously, Lost Vegas was THAT awful). Those first 7 or so years I went with my dad, he had gone to every single Haunt except for the very first one up until the year he moved out of state (was 2010 or 2011, can't really recall which), it became our thing once he started taking me so I have a major attachment to the event, I look forward to it more than anything every single year, I'm unabashedly a Haunt fanboy. He's loved reading my thoughts on the mazes as the articles have come out too, it's a chance for him to revisit something he doesn't really get to go do anymore, also gives him a chance to learn a bit about the mazes he's had to miss. It's been a lot of fun doing this.

      As for Mirror Mirror, I honestly think I probably put it higher than most people would have, I've seen a lot of hate for it and many saying it's their "worst maze ever". I really enjoyed the ambition of it, as I said, when Knott's wants to try something new and different I am all for it, the execution just needed some fine tuning and I much rather they have done what they did with Curse of the Spider Woods -> Curse of the Spider and gave it another year to make some big changes, it could have ended up being something really special I think.


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