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RUMOR - New ride coming to Knott's in 2020 to replace Iron Reef


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  • RUMOR - New ride coming to Knott's in 2020 to replace Iron Reef

    According to a report in the Orange County Register a couple of weeks ago, Knott's Berry Farm and ride manufacturer Triotech will be announcing a new attraction to celebrate Knott's 2020 centennial. The announcement will take place at the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) conference in Orlando during a scheduled press conference on Nov. 19th.

    Since Triotech was the manufacturer of the interactive shooting ride Voyage to the Iron Reef which opened at Knott's in 2015 (in the former location of both Knott's Bear-y Tales and Kingdom of the Dinosaurs), there is speculation that this might mean replacing Iron Reef with a newly themed ride.

    Do you think Iron Reef will be re-themed for next summer? Or will something else be coming to Knott's in a different location?
    Knott’s and Triotech will make an announcement on Nov. 19 about a new attraction coming in 2020 that will once again pair the park with the ride maker behind the Voyage to the Iron Reef interactive…

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    Rumor is it’s Knott’s Beary Tale themed.

    I'm excited about that, but a little worried with Triotech behind it beings that they just seem incapable of producing anything of quality.

    Here is to hoping. Iron Reef was an embarrassment.
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      As long as it is a non-spinny, non-3D family oriented dark ride (along the lines of Knott's Beary Tales), I'd be very excited!
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        It's Beary tales! But its a 4D attraction.


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          zugzug15 beat me to the punch, I was about to post that. I'm not too into all that 3D stuff, maybe I can just go on it and not wear the glasses? Also curious if this will just be a reskin of Voyage to the Iron Reef?
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            i love this.
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              Originally posted by zugzug15 View Post
              It's Beary tales! But its a 4D attraction.
              BINGO your right
              It's Beary Tales
              4D attraction.........
              I think the ideal is good.....just not crazy about another screen base ride.
              Triotech designs, develops, and markets immersive and interactive out-of-home cinemas and platforms

              and they done others works for Cedar Fair, L.P.

              and IMO pretty sure ,Iron Reef is on it way out......
              Well...I hope it works out.......
              I love the first Beary Tales ...when it came out years ago !
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                Beary Tales was my favorite thing at Knotts, I'd love to see it come back but mostly as it was rather than some sort of techno marvel that doesn't work well.


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                  we'll see
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                    Knott's Berry Farm updated map 2020 with Beary tales!



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                      I got mixed feelings about this.

                      It was getting late for Knott's to announce a major ride for it's 100th anniversary, and have it ready in time .. so this is the compromise. Taking the same infrastructure of Iron Reef and retool it to a beloved dark ride. Of course I would have preferred a remake of the actual ride with fully rendered sets and AAs .. but I realized for that to happen it would have needed to go into construction long ago, with a ready date of the big anniversary.

                      My biggest concern that I hope the creative team have worked out ........ A big part of it's charm - Bear-Y Tails was bathed in black fluorescent lighting. Like any of the dark rides in Fantasyland. To mimic the feel as close as possible ... the animation: the characters, the sets, the backdrop scenery needs to be flooded with the same darkness .. with hues of "glowy" colors to capture that same feel as the 1970s attraction. If the backgrounds are brightly lit, brightly lit characters .. then it's spoiled. My first time will be my last time. Bad enough it will be projection screens instead of sets and AAs.

                      And I hope they get rid of every shooter on each vehicle. Of Disney's two shooter rides - Buzz and Midway Mania which have good ergonomically designed handle guns ... I couldn't get over the hand fatigue I got out Iron Reef's guns. Not designed well at all.

                      I think many of the transformations I've seen happen for Knott's under Matt Oimet's tenure have been great. But I'm nervous about this one. When is Knott's going to finally build a decent Family Dark Ride?

                      Because they got ownership of the Peanut's characters I thought by now Charlie Brown and the gang would have their own "black fluorescent lighting" world. Where they are all going to a Fair and run into some other "familiar" characters. Sort of a fusion between Bear-Y Tails and Peanuts in one well done dark ride.

                      Cedar Fair put more than enough emphasis on metal thrills since they took over Knott's. When are we going to see at least ONE dark ride in the place?! Reminds me of the days DCA didn't have even one dark ride for years ... following the closure of Superstar Limo.
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