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AP Passholder Holiday Party Questions


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  • AP Passholder Holiday Party Questions

    I’ve never gone to the Knotts AP Holiday Party. Has anyone gone in past years? Is it worth it? Are any rides open? What about the ice skating show? I had heard that it’s really crowded, but is it really bad crowded? I usually just pick a Sunday to go but this year I don’t have a lot of choices and thought this would be a good alternative but I don’t want to go if it’s going to be a crazy madhouse. I did sign up for the free tickets already.

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    Originally posted by dizneedoll View Post
    Are any rides open? What about the ice skating show? Thanks!
    "Enjoy the full park plus see our seasonal shows a day before Knott's Merry Farm opens to the public."

    Sounds like everything's open and the entertainment schedule shows the ice show at 8 and 10. There are limited tickets and APs can do the rides any time so they may not be busy, but I've never been so I don't know for sure.


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      We only went once maybe 4 years ago. I’ve never seen the park busier. The line to get in stretched down Beach almost to La Palma (no metal detectors back then). Could barely walk once we got inside. It wasn’t fun. We just got our free ornaments and left.


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        ^ That is good to know.

        We got our tickets for this and have never been. I'm not too excited to go to be honest. I was in a KBF FB group and others reported that its was also insanely crowded. I think we'll just wait and go mid-week the following week to check it out. The free ornament doesn't mean anything to me, so I'm not too worried if we don't go.
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          Yeah, it was pretty crowded last night. Crazy long lines for some of the holiday food. Shows also very crowded. Even the walkways were packed.

          I was a bit disappointed that they are no longer doing the fresh crepes to order in Santa's Cabin/Dance hall. They do have "Holiday Crepes" at the Ghost Town Grub place, but they were clearly not freshly made and are not worth standing in line for IMHO.

          But, they do have Wild Boar Sausages now (in addition to the Turkey and Stuffing balls) outside the Dance Hall. We didn't try them as we'd already eaten, but will be returning for them.

          Anyway, to answer your question: the Passholder Preview is a zoo and it's not worth doing...and, yet, we do it every year and will probably do it again next year.

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            Woe.....sorry to hear about
            insanely crowd......
            I would have been disappointed myself.
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