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  • Season Passholder Holiday Party

    I attended the season passholder private party on Thursday, 12/21, with a friend of mine. We were there around 6:45pm and quickly realized how overly crowded it was. There was so much pushing and shoving between guests, because you could barely walk throughout the Park. We ended up leaving before 9pm, because we were that frustrated. The congestion of guests made the event such a disappointment. How could anyone have enjoyed any "merriment" with so many people???

    Knott's needs to host this event over a 2 night period, so every season passholder may enjoy themselves and then "the farm" won't be as crowded.

    Did anyone else experience what we did?

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    No, but I went to Scary Farm on Saturday, October 19, which I assume would be one of the busiest nights (because I wanted to see what that was like) and it was nowhere near the mob scene I've heard described for the AP party. Some of the maze lines were over two hours long and Hang Time had a 3-hour line but the walkways were fairly clear.

    Was nobody in line for rides at the AP party? Maybe the lines took thousands of people off the Scary Farm walkways and it made all the difference.


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      Originally posted by DisneyFunGuy View Post
      Did anyone else experience what we did?
      Yes, I agree. It was packed. And it seems to get worse every year.

      What's really surprising is the event wasn't even "sold out" on the 21st! Just out of curiosity, I checked the online reservation page on the morning of the event, and it allowed me to put tickets in my shopping cart (I didn't test "checking out" as I had already "purchased" my free tickets.) It's just crazy that the event was this crowded and, yet, Knott's was apparently still giving out tickets.

      Knott's provides great value to passholders. But they'd better take care not to ruin the experience by overbooking and overloading the park. There are no blackout dates. Which is both bad and good. Some days really are starting to become painfully crowded. At some point, they are going to need to do something to limit access. The same road traveled by their Anaheim neighbor...
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        Thanks for the wrote-up DFG. Bummer to hear about your experience. We didn’t go because of what we heard about it last year regarding the crowds. We had tickets for this years event but decided we would just wait and go midweek this coming week.

        I was there on Sunday afternoon Veterans Day weekend and it was a madhouse. I have a feeling this year is going to be much busier than years past as more and more families are giving up their Disney APs for Knotts Season Passes.
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          Originally posted by BigThunda View Post
          . I have a feeling this year is going to be much busier than years past as more and more families are giving up their Disney APs for Knotts Season Passes.
          Knott's also having there centennial next year2020
          The Farm is turning 100
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