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Is Knott’s feeling short staffed?


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  • Is Knott’s feeling short staffed?

    We stopped by Knott’s yesterday and the park wasn’t super crowded but none of lines were moving and hour plus waits were all over the attractions that were actually running. The lack of running or extremely slow running attractions was appeared to be the issue. We waited 90 min. For the Log Ride and while inline we could see several of the other coasters and of those running it seemed like they had constant delays in loading with several minutes delay between cars being released. We left after 3 hours and 2 rides it was just too hot and the lack of shade and sluggish line pace made a trip to Porto’s a more rewarding option than Knott’s. Fortunately we have passes now so the ability to just try again another day prevented any regrets. Sad though for those that went on a single day ticket or came in from out of town.

    Does anyone know why they had so many attractions off line throughout the day?
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    Yeah dude, they are hurting for staff. And the ones that can't hang, often walk out on the job. In a KBF FB group some employees are sharing how much verbal abuse (so ridiculous and sad to hear this) they have been taking and since many are teens (that probably don't "need" the job) they just say "F this, I'm out of here". I have only taken my family twice I think since they reopened, and we've gone to Soak City twice also. (we all have Gold level passes). I've made reservations for quite a few days, but end up not going because it just seems too crazy now. I'm sure they ramped up capacity without the appropriate amount of staff to support the boosts in guests. In fact, we have reservations for today, debating on going in the evening, but I doubt we'll go...

    I'm not a fan of coasters (they make me nauseated), but I love me some Timber Mountain Log Ride and Calico Mine Train! Love walking around Ghost Town and the likes. Summer Nights is fantastic and we love watching the bands, especially the all girl band, The Suffragettes (our 6 year old LOVES them). And Ghost Town Alive is another fantastic experience that isn't available this year, but our daughter LOVED that (as did I), she wouldn't even want to go to Camp Snoopy, she would just want to hang in Ghost Town all day!

    Anyhow, Summer Nights wraps up the third week of August I think? We may try to go once or twice more to experience it, but I am leaning towards just waiting til the Fall to go again. The park is done up really well then, and Spooky Farm is a hoot for the kids, and of course Scary Farm for the big kids.

    Oh yeah, as of August 2, 2021, no more reservations are needed!

    P.S., Portos is the bomb!!!

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