I remember Ed Alonzo being fantastic in his first year at the Charles M. Schultz Theater during Scary Farm,
and then phoning it in his second year so badly that I hoped he wouldn't be invited back. (He wasn't back at the next Scary Farm. Elvira was fun!)

Speaking of phoning it in, I've liked all the Puppet Up shows I've seen, but do they end EVERY show with "Windy"? (All the shows I've seen in 2019 & 2021 have.) Knott's should demand that they do something new, especially if they return next year.

And they should also try to fit their show more to HALLOWEEN.
If I wanted to ignore this holiday I'd see Jabbawockeez at Universal Hollywood's Horror Nights.

Colleen Smith a cast member who was in Puppet Up the night I went with Micechat in 2021 was amazing, & the other cast members were excellent too. But it's improv, so please close with something new, Henson, Jr. (In fairness, it does seem like 80% of each show is new, since they take audience suggestions.)