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Why is Xcelerator always closed?


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  • Why is Xcelerator always closed?

    Am I the only one who feels Xelerator is perpetually closed? We have been going now for almost a year about once a month and I have only seen it running once in that time? Does anyone know why it seldom runs. I have been wanting to go on it for months and itls never running.
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    For a while last year I think they were refurbishing it (I saw them repainting it). It was open when I went in March. It was my first time riding it, and it was quite fun, although very short. If it's closed now, it must just be mechanical issues.
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      It's an Intamin ride, they are fraught with issues. CF owns one other of this particular type of coaster, it's a Cedar Point. Check out the status of that one. Plus there is one like it at SF Great Adventure. During the Kinzel era Cedar Fair bought a lot of rides from them. He retired, and they are no longer on the preferred vendor list....


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