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The Boys go to the OC Fair

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  • Trip Report The Boys go to the OC Fair

    Happy Monday everybody:

    On Saturday, Josh and I were thrilled to be going to the OC Fair with some of our favorite people. Dustysage, Fishbulb, Rixter, MickeyMaxx and Al Lutz. It was a great "Guys day".

    Here is our story:

    After dropping the girls off for their "Girls Night" we headed to the Dustyfishbulb's. After everybody got settled, we made our first stop for some non-fair food.

    Once we were good and full, it was off to the fair:

    This was all made of sand:

    First stop, the Millennium Barn

    They had some Heifer's on display

    Worlds Largest BBQ

    Llama, Llama, Llama

    Now for the see and say portion of the Trip Report

    The Sheep says ... Baaaaa

    The Cow says ... MOOOOO

    The Goat says ... what does a goat say, I forget.

    The Fishbulb says ... Yo

    The Pig says ... OINK (aren't the babies cute)

    Some yummy treates.

    So then it was on to the fried-food portion of the fair. We had to eat SOMETHING fried ... but just what would we get?

    Deep Fried Chocolate Dog on a Stick, or perhaps a fried cupcake

    A Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich

    Or one of these many fried and tasty treats?

    To start with, I chose the deep fried pop tart

    It basically tasted like a funnel cake. A Funnel Cake that has been cooked in the same oil as chicken ... or perhaps frog legs.

    The best part of the fair ... the cheesy dark rides

    Unfortunately Ghost Pirates was closed, so we'd have to check back later.

    The HUGE Mirror mazes

    Before heading over to the main ride area, we took a stop at the Pig Races

    Some action shots

    And of course, you can see these pigs again at your local Ralphs supermarket

    Now over to DCA ... er, the Midway

    The Sun Wheel

    Mullholland Madness

    California Screamin'

    Okay, I'm joking.

    It was time for more mazes, fun-houses and dark rides!!!

    First up, Moscow Circus

    Rixter having a blast

    The slide of doom

    Next, Creep show

    These dragons were the coolest

    They made it!!!

    The Surf Shack

    Now yet Talkin'

    Okay ... that should do it for now.

    Coming up later, the awesome day of awesome dark rides continues. What other fried food can we stick in our mouths? The Cavalcade of Carnival Crap! And will we EVER get on Ghost Pirates.

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    Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

    FUN!!! Thanks for the TR SirClinks. Miss you guys!!!!


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      Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

      This old goat says 'baaahh' especially since I did not get to partake in any of the fried goodness. Keep the pictures coming.


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        Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

        Great trip report! I'll have to go back one of these years, it's been a while.


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          Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

          Aww, what a great day all of you had! I love the cheesy goodness of fairs, they always down and dirty and filled with so much fun. :P Although I must say that while I like some fried foods, some of that stuff looks a little crazy!

          Great TR Clinks!


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            Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

            Fried avocado? Hmmm ... I gotta try that!


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              Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

              I do recommend the fried avocado, if you are going out there.
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                Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

                Yay for fun pictures! Glad you guys had a good time!

                The baby cute! When we saw them last Sunday, they were born the day that would be week old now for those of you that have math issues.:lol:
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                  Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

                  Deep fried chocolate dog on a stick?? I am sooo there!!! :lol:

                  What a great way to spend a guys day out! And what a great group to hang out with!

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                    Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

                    Deep fried choco dog,deep fried ravioli,deep fried spam,Pop-tarts,cupcakes....
                    Isnt there anything they cant deep fry? LOL
                    I thought the chicken sandwich sounded disgusting when I saw the sign for a San digo county fair TR, But looking at it in the pic here,it sounds actually something worth trying,
                    question:what was going on in the domes outside the park in pic 1(the white domes with green triangles on the top?)
                    LOL.. Moscow circus and Creep show and the hall of mirrors are the only rides that seem to come back every year.

                    Awesome TR so far!
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                      Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

                      I was there last weekend with DIP Jr and I ordered the fried avocado and he ordered the fried pop tart. He hated the pop tart but loved the fried avocado so we switched -- go figure!

                      We had a blast on the dark rides including Creep Show and Ghost Pirates. I wanted to try the fair version of Haunted Mansion but by that time DIP Jr had enough of the dark rides!

                      I wonder if they all went on the OC Fair's version of the Haunted Mansion?


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                        Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

                        Originally posted by DisneyIPresume View Post
                        I wonder if they all went on the OC Fair's version of the Haunted Mansion?
                        You'll just have to wait and see.


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                          Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

                          Fried frog legs ... ewwwwwwwww ... though just out of curiosity I'd probably try them. The pictures here make the fair look like so much fun, maybe I'll make my way down there this week.


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                            Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

                            Our saga continues:

                            Question #1:
                            Will the boys get on the Fair Version of Haunted Mansion

                            OF COURSE!!!

                            The Fair Version of Haunted Mansoin

                            Watch out for the hand of doom:

                            We party down at the Mardi Gras Mirror Maze

                            Christina Aguilera is down for a party

                            Whee down the slide

                            More Fried food.

                            What will we try next? Fried Twinkie? Fried Zucchini Curls? Take the weak way out and get a Kabob?

                            NO WAY.

                            Fried White Castle all the way!!

                            It was actually pretty good. Pretty much like a Monte Cristo, except instead of a Grilled Cheese it was a burger.

                            Next, the Cavalcade of Carnival Crap!!



                            Next was ToonTown (they were showing Rescue Rangers cartoons)

                            Next, we FINALLY got on Ghost Pirates. The Duct tape did nothing but add to the themeing.

                            The kiddie bumper boats. Love the carny in the water.

                            After we finished our tickets, we all headed to dinner and then home. Well, kinda.

                            The next morning the boy and I headed to DCA for a few hours. I only took 2 pictures.

                            And this

                            Despite a few annoyances (hotel, etc) it was truly an awesome weekend. The company we had was amazing and we had an absolute blast.


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                              Re: The Boys go to the OC Fair

                              The deep fried white castle looks tasty. Glad you had a good weekend with the boys and that you found a couch to sleep on.