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Peanuts at Bat! (Riverside Metropolitan Museum)


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  • Peanuts at Bat! (Riverside Metropolitan Museum)

    So my friend found out about this wonderful exhibit on loan from the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa that's being shown at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum and off we went today. I was raised on Peanuts so I'm a huge fan. After a 30 minute breezy drive on the 91 we made it to the museum. It's free admission (donations welcome) and parking is located just outside for very cheap (we spent a dollar). I didn't take any pictures of the rest of the museum but to let you know, it's very small and has a few taxidermed animals on display plus a few Native American artifacts, not really much to look at so we just walked through it.

    The small letter displayed here is the one Schulz had printed in papers when he announced his retirement

    One of my heroes

    There were collectibles on display all over the exhibit, these are some of the oldest from the 50s!

    I'd like to use a Peanuts currency!

    This is how the comic strips were colored.

    I tried to imitate Snoopy. There were profiles for each character on display that told when they were introduced in the comics and explained a little about them.

    Snoopy things from around the world.

    Schulz LOVED baseball and thus there were over 2000 strips devoted just to the characters playing baseball.

    More collectibles, these were all holiday themed.

    Snoopy Come Home, the film from 1972, was playing in the exhibit. If you'll remember, this is the girl who sings Fundamental Friend Dependability.

    There were comic strips all over the place which were really fun to read and giggle at.

    If you're a Peanuts fan and not too far from Riverside I definitely recommend going. It's a fun exhibit Of course if you really LOVE Peanuts you should go to Santa Rosa and see the complete Schulz Museum, having been there myself I can tell you it's a paradise for Peanuts fans and a well done museum for such a wonderful artist.

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    Re: Peanuts at Bat! (Riverside Metropolitan Museum)

    It's a nice museum and right across from the Mission Inn. Come on by and while your down here, you can visit me at work.
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      Re: Peanuts at Bat! (Riverside Metropolitan Museum)

      Besides the old Disney shorts and features I also used to watch Peanuts cartoons. One of my favorite cartoons of all time is "Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown". I can watch that over and over again. Thanks for the cool pics. I can't wait to go.
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        Re: Peanuts at Bat! (Riverside Metropolitan Museum)

        Oh, I hope Disney Wrassler sees this thread soon. He loves Mr. Schlutz.

        Great trip report. There is a Deaf School in Riverside, so I know of the area. Very cool!

        THanks for sharing!
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          Re: Peanuts at Bat! (Riverside Metropolitan Museum)

          LOVE THE PEANUTS!!! I love them so much, I wrote a sixteen page report on Charles Schulz and even donated a copy of the paper to his museum. Heck, I talked to people who directly worked with his wife and son and asked the staff to give them copies of my essay. I sure hope they did that .

          I recommend the book: Good Grief: The Story of Charles M. Schulz.

          After reading this book about his life, it's like he portrayed his own life through all these characters!

          Schulz really was in love with a red haired girl, Spike the dog is based after his experience of living in Needles, California as a child for a year or so, Charlie Brown's dad, like Charles Schulz's dad, was a barber, and some say that Snoopy is based after a beagle he saw in Germany while fighting in WWII. Some say Snoopy is also based after his childhood pet dog, Sparky.

          In fact, many don't know that when Schulz was drafted during WWII, he became part of the 20th Armored Division out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky and they arrived in Germany right as our troops we destroying the Nazi government. The division he was in helped occupy Salzburg and they somewhat received credit by Dwight D. Eisenhower in his book titled Crusade In Europe. Eisenhower wrote : "Other troops occupied Salzburg." Originally, the 20th Armored Division was set to invade Japan.

          One of the saddest days of Mr. Schulz life was when his mother died just as he was being shipped off to Fort Campbell. The last time he saw her before her death, he was leaving and she was sick on the couch, dying from Cancer.

          As quoted from the Good Grief book I previously mentioned:

          "In February 1943, Charles Schulz was drafted. For a few days he was quartered at an induction center at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis. he was given a weekend pass to vist his critically ill mother across the Mississippi River in the old St. Paul neighborhood. On Sunday night, as he prepared to return to Fort Snelling, he went in to say goodbye to her.

          'Yes,' she said, 'I suppose we should say goodbye, because we probably never will see each other again.' She died the next day."

          Schulz went back to service right after he attended his mothers funeral.

          Charles Schulz got the nickname "Sparky" from his family as a child, that stuck with him for the rest of his life. Sparky was a character from one of the Family's favorite comic strips.

          It is just beyond amazing how this very normal man, who suffered from Agoraphobia, with such a great work ethic, became a staple name.

          Here is one of my favorite Charlie Brown quotes:

          Peppermint Patty- What do you think security is, Chuck?

          Charlie- Security? Security is sleeping in the back seat of the car. When you're a little kid, and you've been somewhere with your mom and dad, and it's night, and you're riding home in the car, you can sleep in the back seat. You don't have to worry about anything. Your mom and dad are in the front seat, and they do all the worrying. They take care of everything.

          Peppermint Patty- That's real neat!

          Charlie- But it doesn't last! Suddenly, you're grown up, and it can never be that way again. Suddenly, it's over, and you'll never get to sleep in the back seat again! Never!

          Peppermint Patty- Never?

          Charlie Brown- Absolutly never!

          Peppermint patty- Hold my hand, Chuck!!


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            Re: Peanuts at Bat! (Riverside Metropolitan Museum)

            Disney Wrassler.. that's just too cool that you donated a copy of your paper. Very nice post. My family knew Schulz's wife and she actually gave my mom a special Snoopy bag. It's a bag no one was able to buy it was only made for the wife so it's really neat.


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              Re: Peanuts at Bat! (Riverside Metropolitan Museum)

              Dude, this is torture. Just one more reason I need to get back to Riverside.


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                Re: Peanuts at Bat! (Riverside Metropolitan Museum)

                Originally posted by Hobbit View Post
                Disney Wrassler.. that's just too cool that you donated a copy of your paper. Very nice post. My family knew Schulz's wife and she actually gave my mom a special Snoopy bag. It's a bag no one was able to buy it was only made for the wife so it's really neat.
                If you ever go to the museum and want to read it, ask the archivist for the essay titled "YOU'RE AN INSPIRATION, CHARLES SCHULZ!!! The Drawn Out Life Of An Illustrated Icon." They should have a copy available since I sent it directly to her, the archivist.

                The people at that museum were really nice and really helped out since they had very close connections with Mrs. Schulz and their son.

                The staff was even nice enough to tell me which characters reminded them of themselves and really took the time to help me out through phone interviews. They even referenced me to other people I could call.


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