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Kings Island 2009: Diamondback


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  • Kings Island 2009: Diamondback

    Did not see any thread about Kings Island's (Ohio) huge announcement last week: Diamondback for 2009.

    The ride will be a B&M hypercoaster, 230 ft tall and reaching 80 mph over it's 5,200+ ft. course.

    The park has added an elaborate website for the ride with tons of videos and concept art of the ride.

    A huge press event was also held at the park to announce the ride, NPN has coverage of the event at this link.

    Looks like a great ride for 2009!

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    Re: Kings Island 2009: Diamondback

    It's fun to see what more they've done each time I go to the park. They said it'll be about as tall as SOB, but looking at the model inside the park, it doesn't seem that way.
    I also heard that they want the coaster done by Thanksgiving. Based on how little is done as of yesterday, they're gonna have to use the days they are closed in september to their advantage. It looks like they are starting on the loading/unloading station.

    All in all, it looks very cool, but I doubt it's a coaster for me.

    But we need a good thrill ride at the park.
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