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Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report


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  • Trip Report Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

    The Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt MC MEET
    Note: This Trip report contains pictures of gory Halloween set pieces that some may find offensive. If you are easily offended consider yourself warned.

    Other Note: Due to the nature of the mazes and out of respect for the actors in the mazes I refused to use flash unless specifically given permission. So please forgive the poor quality of most of the maze photos.

    When the MC'ers get togethr to have some fun in Disneyland it's great fun. When they visit other parks it's no different. For those brave enough there was a MiceChat Knott's Scary Farm meet held to kick off the Halloween season here in Southern California.

    Many Mc'ers attended the meet (about 40 total).* Better still a few MiceChat folks were working the event! So we had a few friends hiding in dark corners to jump out and give us a good scare.

    We began the evening by checking in for our V.I.P. Prescare dinner reservation at 4:30.

    Slowly everyone showed up to the meeting area and I gave out everyone's tickets and Dinner stickers.

    Dusty tells Kenny, "You gonna be scared!"

    PirateMunkee ready for the scares

    Afew peeps were running late but it was okay they let the rest of the group in, no worries.*

    Walking into dinner
    The Buffet dinner was a little crazy at first but it mellowed out.* The service was great and the monsters were a ton of fun.* One even hopped onto MCow1's lap.

    Hey Santa!

    Soon enough it was time to venture out into the fog and wait to be released into the park. Monster's worked the crowd into to a frenzy of anticipation. They were great! The chain was dropped and we ventured out into the thick fog of Ghost Town.

    Princess626 practicing

    Paige and, uh... yeah.

    PirateMunkee led us to our first destination; PYROMAIAX, aka The Log Ride.

    Throughout this Trip report I give my rating of each Maze or Haunted ride on a scale from 1 to 10. 1=Terrible and 10=PERFECT
    Furthermore, if you want to go to Haunt totally spoiler free, you may just want to skip this Trip Report. Otherwise, read on!



    Deeogee'sMom eyed by a monster

    The Gang in line

    Dusty ready for the scares

    Pyromaniax was really very good. Pretty much the same as last year but still wonderful.

    First timer's loved it.

    On to The Mine Train.


    This one was a little weak this year. The effects were actually very good, the talent was fine, but the usually climactic race through the tail end of the ride was pretty anti climactic.

    Oh well.

    So we met up then with Chernabog and his boyfriend, B.J. We all decied that since we had one hour before the hanging that we would begin the Maze tour by hitting the first new maze of the night, Quarantine. We also knew that our pal Kritter was working this maze and we wanted to say hey to him.

    Princess626 and I both have a horrible fear of Zombie's and Zombie like behavior. Hence, this maze was the one she and I feared the most.


    THIS WAS ONE SCARY MAZE. It is based on the New film Quarantine. The story of the film turns the conventional Zombie film on it's ear. In the general Zombie movie people are trapped inside while the Zombies are outside trying to get in. However, in Quarantine a group of people are trapped inside an apartment building WITH the zombies. If they try to escape the building the police are ready to shoot them onsite. What caused the outbreak and how can they escape?

    The Maze began with a very poorly staged opening bit. A female reporter explains the setup to the crowd via a live actress lip synching to a prerecorded voice over. Once this bit is over the crowd is released into the maze and all heck breaks loose.

    Through the screams and hysterics we found our dear Kritter and he took a picture with me. Even though I knew who he was, I was terrified to even look at him.

    Kritter gives me a zombie hug.

    It took the average guest 7-10 minutes to get through this maze. PirateMunkee clocked Princess626 an I at about 2 minutes 30 seconds.

    After gaining my composure the group decided that, to calm me down, we would visit the next maze in the circuit; The KILLER CLOWN COLLEGE.


    This was another great maze. A few changes from last year, but basically the same. Those clowns could smell blood.


    Next was Lost Vegas in 3-D. Solid. The talent in this one was consistantly STRONG and FUN. It was just as much about having fun with the crowds as it was scaring them. AWESOME.

    Paige makes another friend

    It was now about 7:45-ish and time for the Hanging. Little did I know what surprise would await me, and really all of us when we got there.

    I pulled out the wonderful magical light up sword Dusty bought for me and led the group to the Hanging.

    We got there and low, two of our favorite people, who originally said they wouldn't be able to make it, were there. MickeMaxx and Rixter!

    This was awesome! As I waved the sword to signal other MC'ers more showed up.

    Soon Jon Autopsy showed up to say hello!

    Jon and the Gang!

    Then the show began.

    THE HANGING: "Oil's Well that ends well": 8

    Javier Bardem showed up

    Michael Phelps gets one too many medals

    Wall-E showed up

    The Joker played a big part in the show

    Daniel Day Lewis screaming that he'd drink our milkshake

    Of course nothing is sacred during the Hanging and it was pretty dang funny. The talent was amazing and the energy was off the charts. Great, great show.

    As the crowd dissipated I waved the magic sword and a few more MC'ers showed up. We quickly headed off to the next in the grand circle tour of mazes, Corn Stalkers.


    CornStalkers was a ver creepy, very atmospheric maze. many of the switrchbacks of the maze were built with cornstalks which gave the impression you were in the middle of no where and crazy scarecrowes were popping out from al over the place.

    Rixter and MickeyMaxx about to go into their first Maze

    A very impressive new maze. The Monsters were hoppin, the setting was spooky and the scares were consistent.

    The end of CornStalkers landed us in Camp Snoopy. After a quick bathroom break we made our way across the front of the park and to the next Three NEW mazes, Labyrinth, The SlaughterHouse and Alien Annihilation.

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]LABYRINTH: 6[/COLOR]

    This was a brilliantly inventive maze that is based on storybooks and fairy tales. Clever reuse of some of the elements from last year's Fear Tales in the old spot of Lore of the Vampire made for a romantic, macabre, mysterious wandering.

    The Talent was TOP NOTCH. Just amazing. This one needs a little more massaging but is solid, especially for fans of fantasy


    The set up of a cannibalistic meat house is promising. But there seemed to be problems in this one. There were long stretches of walking through shredded cloth. The talent tried, they really did. But I think the problem in this one lies somewhere in the neutering of the execution. It had the promise of being really scary but simply wasn't.


    Alien Annihilation is an upsale 3D/Lasertag maze. We had the glasses from Lost Vegas maze but nobody opted for the guns and it was enjoyable all the same.

    It was then that I heard from Larasound and his wife. They were waiting in front of the Ghostrider Roller coaster to join us on the maze tour. We got to them and headed off to the Tandem mazes, THE ASYLUM and the new CLUB BLOOD.

    Crazy Bird lady


    I have never been a fan of this maze for some reason, although this year was much better than last year's incarnation. Thing is, I am creeped out by the whole Sanatorium idea. But the scares never seem to come. It's all gross out stuff with nothing more than a few good jolts if that.


    A visit to a vampire night club and a tour, inexplicably through the maternity ward of a Vampire hospital are the two big highlights of this maze. The Themeing was GREAT and the Monster's were FABULOUS. There isn't a team that matches the passion and mystique that the vampires has. The Vampires love their job and it shows. Alurring and sexy and scary. Fun stuff.

    Skywaygrl enjoys herself

    We only had two more mazes left.

    So we took a quick break for bathrooms and caffine before heading off to The DOll Factory and 13 Axe Murder Manor.

    Hey there good lookin'


    Always a solid maze, The Doll Factory is the only maze that comes close to matching the Vampires as far as passion for the scare. The Dolls in this maze are creepy and they KNOW it. The wonderful Doll girls are back and are truly AMAZING. This one had zingers throughout and built up to a brilliant end. ANOTHER GREAT JOB!

    SunnyGirl laugh's through the screams


    I wish I could say that the last year of this brilliant maze will be rememberd as it's best. Sadly I cannot. The first half of the maze through the house is AWESOME. Dusty brought up the point that this was actually the ONLY maze that was an actual Haunted House. The haunted house part of it was GREAT. The second half through the graveyard left a little to be desired.

    The facade

    And that was it for the Mazes.

    At this point the group divided into smaller groups to go off and do different things.

    SOme wanted to go catch the show in the Charles Schultz Theatre called "FANGS!", while others wanted to try out the new POny Express roller coaster.

    I joined the POny Express group and gave this new ride a whirl. After about a 20 minute wait we were on... and off.

    The ride's seating is the gimmick. Nothing else. Interesting enough but the ride lasts a mere 30 seconds which is slightly less than Montezuma's Revenge.

    While the group was still in the Fangs show we all then moved on to repeat a few things that MickeyMaxx and Rixter didn't get to do. We headed back to the Log Ride.

    Rixter didn't like a haunted RIDE as opposed to the mazes because, as he said, "You can't get away from them" on the rides.

    We then made him go through the Quarantine Maze. He seemed to really like it. This also gave us a chance to tell Kritter goodbye for the night and thanks for the scares.

    It was time to go. Anders, Sunnygirl, Paige Dusty and myself headed back to the car and piled in filled with the wonderful memories of a frightful evening.

    This year's MC Haunt Meet was WONDERFUL. Everyone was such good sports during the Maze Death March. Like troopers we all trudged through tirelessly to get the crud scared out of us and it was AWESOME!

    Thanks to all who showed up and joined in the fun. And most of all THANK YOU to the AMAZINGLY talented Monsters that work the haunt for next to nothing because the LOVE to scare people up a screaming good time. You are all royalty in my book and you make my year. Thank you so much for showing our group such an amazing time and for going particularly hard on the Haunt virgins

    Again, THANK YOU!!!

    THE END!!!
    (spot the hidden mickey)
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    Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

    YAY! so glad you all had a great time at Haunt i loved going thru the pictures and seeing so many of my monster friends doing what they love.

    can't wait to go myself...only 5 more work days!
    Will there be screams when the sun sets,
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      Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

      oh man the corn stalkers maze was so creepy and i was a coward lol. oh and skywaygrl scared some of us around the corner in of the mazes lol. What a frightful even that was. Excellent trip report. It was great to see everyone there.


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        Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

        Brilliant report and photos indeed, I can't wait till my trip on the 10th...thanks for the awesome report Fishbulb!
        when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....


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          Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

          Awww, Fishy, what a terrific trip report. I'm much too big of a wimp to deliberately go somewhere that's supposed to scare me. So reading this trip report was the next best thing. It even LOOKS scary in your photos. Thanks for posting your report here!!!



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            Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

            THE END!!!
            (spot the hidden mickey)

            The Hidden Mickey is pretty clever. It pretty much jumped out at me. What captures my curiosity is wondering how the image was made. is it an oil spill, some sort of dry substance, or did you people simply drink too much and then let nature take it's course.

            Pyromaniax and Alien Anhialation looked like the most fun experiences to me - but it all appeared like a blast. This would be worth checking out next year if not just for gasp mountain alone.

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              Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

              Great report Fishy. Glad y'all had a wonderful time!


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                Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

                This was an amazing experience for me. I would never have even considered going to an event like this before. Knowing that I would be shown around by my good friend Fishbulb and surrounded by my MiceChat peeps gave me the courage to attend this event. I am SO GLAD I did.

                I was very concerned about the mazes. I have always been easily startled and the prospect of embarrassing myself by screaming like a girl over and over again all night was a real concern of mine. I soon came up with a brilliant coping mechanism. I laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more. Loudly. It was a brilliant and effective gambit. The monsters, zombies, ghosts, clowns and assorted scary people were not particularly interested in trying to startle the crazy old guy with the maniacal laugh. (In fact, I may have scared a few of them.)

                I did scream a lot on the log ride. I wasn't able to use my defensive laugh and they scared the crap out of me. Plus when you are crammed into a faux log, you are sort of a sitting duck! (I LOVED IT!)

                This was one of my favorite things about last night:

                It was a freaky bar scene with creepy pole dancers and a crazy guy at the bar drinking glowtinis. Definitely one of my favorites.

                I'm glad Fishbulb got a photo of this guy. The funny thing was that all of the corpses in that scene had the same face.

                Thanks again to Fishbulb and MiceChat, I left my comfort zone and had the time of my life!


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                  Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

                  Too bad i havnt met any of you in person...being on the log ride, i was trying to look for the people ive seen in all your TR's...but i didnt. Though, seeing the group photo i remember seeing some of you.
                  BTW, Nice photo of Twisted...Deeogee'sMom shouldnt make eye contact...bad things happen when you make eye contact with her.
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                    Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

                    Originally posted by Rixter View Post
                    This was one of my favorite things about last night:

                    loved the dancers in Club Blood! so glad you had a great time Rick!

                    Originally posted by Lane View Post
                    Too bad i havnt met any of you in person...being on the log ride, i was trying to look for the people ive seen in all your TR's...but i didnt. Though, seeing the group photo i remember seeing some of you.
                    BTW, Nice photo of Twisted...Deeogee'sMom shouldnt make eye contact...bad things happen when you make eye contact with her.
                    on the first go around on the log ride, we were some of the very first to go through, maybe 2-3 logs went before our group got on.


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                      Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

                      WOW! How you managed to take photos while going through the mazes is just incredible, I know I wouldn't of had that much resolve. LOL

                      Great trip report Fishy, thanks for sharing.


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                        Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

                        :clap: Great pictures and it looks like another wonderful MiceChat event!!!! How can you not have a good time with so many awesome people around!

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                          Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

                          Glad everybody had a good time. Wish we could have been there.

                          Next year for sure!!!


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                            Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

                            Looks like a fabulous time was had by everyone!! Great pictures!
                            *When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.


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                              Re: Fishbulb's KNOTT'S SCARY FARM MC meet Trip Report

                              Great pictures Fishy. We had such a great time. After all how often do you get a monster sitting on your lap telling you what he wants for Christmas. Too bad I had to tell him he was a naughty monster, so not many presents this year. And, to have Rixter and Mickey Maxx surprise us by showing up after all was just too great. Can't wait til next year.


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