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Santa Barbara Zoo


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  • Santa Barbara Zoo

    All the years I have driven to and through Santa Barbara, I have always wondered about the highway sign pointing towards the city zoo. This past week, having an event to attend the beautiful seaside California town and some time to kill, I decided to finally give it a look.

    Nestled between the 101 freeway and the beach, the zoo is at the southern tip of the city.

    the land is well manicured and has some beautiful landscaping like this cactus garden

    pincushion protea - one of my favorite flowers

    beautiful spot for a picnic

    they have a thing for macaws at this zoo - they are everywhere.

    sleepy-time otters

    elephants getting a great view of the Santa Barbara mountains

    cali condors showing off

    can I take you home?

    giraffes feasting

    giraffes are hooked up with a killer view

    lazy kitties


    capybarra - world's largest rodent.. and kinda cute

    macaw all by his lonesome


    lonely touci

    can I just sqeeze you?

    stingrays! wish I could touch 'em

    aww... so loving

    There's more to see. It's a pleasant enough diversion for a few hours and a beautiful spot for a picnic.

    The keepers are friendly and gregarious. They'll engage you to ask anything you might be curious about.

    Admission is $11 for adults and $9 for children and seniors. Parking is $4 though they have an odd way of enforcing that (they ask for it at the admission gate and I guess ask you to show proof on exit though there was no one checking as we left). There is a train that runs along the zoo's perimeter and although the cost to ride is a bit steep for what you get ($3.50) it's hard to balk when the proceeds go directly to the zoo. There is also giraffe feeding at $4 per person which we missed but I have participated in before and that is an experience worth the price.
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    Re: Santa Barbara Zoo

    It's a great zoo, and in a nice location. So much fun stuff to do in SB.
    Nice shots!

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      Re: Santa Barbara Zoo

      LOVE the Santa Barbara Zoo. Were only about 45 minutes away. We don't visit often enough. We may have to fix that soon.

      Great pics. Glad you enjoyed it.


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        Re: Santa Barbara Zoo

        Is that the giraffe with the crooked neck in that picture? I remember seeing it there when I was little but have no idea if it is still alive today.


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          Re: Santa Barbara Zoo

          The zoo is great, but the Giraffe w/ the crooked neck died abiut a year or 2 ago.

          Love the train ride that brings ou pretty close to the lions, you feel like they can tear through the fence and get you.
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            Re: Santa Barbara Zoo

            I absolutely love the Santa Barbara Zoo! I used to go with my Grandma when she lived in Camarillo. I have been wanting to take my kids to share the zoo with them. One of these days I have to do it.

            Do people still feed the otters?
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              Re: Santa Barbara Zoo

              I've always wanted to go to that zoo! Thanks for the pictures, I'll have to make my way up there some time! I love the LA Zoo and of course the San Diego Zoo here in my hometown. San Diego is fantastic, of course... but just so expensive! LA was only 10 bucks when I went (heard it's up to 12) AND they have kangaroos!


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                Re: Santa Barbara Zoo

                My grandparents have lived in Montecito and Santa Barbara for a good portion of my life and we used to go to that zoo when I was little. Thanks for the pictures it brought back some lovely memories.

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                  Re: Santa Barbara Zoo

                  Yah, I wanna know if the Giraffe with the crooked neck is still there too!

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