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Luna Park Sydney at night


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  • [Pictures] Luna Park Sydney at night

    Although these photos were taken quite a while ago, I thought it would be interesting to post these up. I think they were taken in maybe August 2008 or so... not quite sure. For those who don't know, Luna Park in Sydney is a very nice old-school historical style little park right on the harbour, in the shadows of the Sydney Harbour Bridge... it has been closed and reopened MANY times, and there have been all sorts of things like fires that have destroyed certain rides... but these days it seems to be doing OK (although the neighbours keep trying to take them to court because of noise problems... LESSON: Don't live next door to a theme park and then complain about the noise! DER!).

    The park has been around since 1935 and is now heritage listed I believe... so it should be around for some time yet. It also seems to be a lot more successful than the Luna Park in Melbourne... but I'm not sure about this. Anyway, it's in a lovely location and since Sydney's Wonderland closed down it is really the only amusement park still running in the state.

    The last reopening was in 2004 (I think?) and I think there is some agreement in place that the park pays the government $1 a year for the lease to the land, as long as all the money made goes into development of the park, which seems like a pretty cool way to make sure it sticks around. If you wanna read more about the history of the park, there is a great wikipedia article about it... and it's a very interesting read! Luna Park Sydney - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    To get there, you can get a train and other boring means of transport... but the best way is to catch a ferry across the harbour or walk across the bridge... either way you get to take in some great sights along the way. I also recommend going at night... while it's cool during the day, when all the lights are switched on it really looks a lot nicer and is very pretty. Anyway, onto the photos!

    The entrance to the park, under the giant (scary!) clown head! As you walk in there is a restaurant/bar to the left and the rotor ride to the right (spins and sticks you to the walls as the floor drops away). If anyone has seen the Heath Ledger film Candy from a few years back, there is a scene filmed inside the rotor.

    Me on the Commander Baldocks Galloping Horses and Racing Cockerels Carousel

    The carousel spinning

    The Flying Saucer (A crazy UFO ride) which spins and then an arm lifts the ride up to 90 degrees... it's one of those rides where because you aren't strapped in very tightly, you kinda feel like you actually might die. Still pretty fun!

    And it starts spinning!

    And goes vertical!

    The Ferris Wheel, which gets pretty nice views around the harbour and of the park.

    The Tumblebug (a Troika? ride)... one of my favourites at the park.

    The Tumblebug spins!

    And the exposure gets turned up!

    A dark view of the harbour from the Ferris Wheel

    And of the rest of the park... the central area is the midway where there are a bunch of midway games, and on the right is the Big Top which is a new concert venue/function area which is quite popular, and dodgems. You can see the Wild Mouse towards the back on the left, and the Coney Island Funny Land next to it. Behind the Funny Land is another little area which has The Spider (a Breakdance ride) and the Ranger... regular spinning around vertically type ride.

    Sorry about the dark photos but this is inside the Coney Island Funny Land... there is a bunch of wooden slides which are heaps of fun... these ones:

    And these ones, which start off with an almost vertical drop! Also inside here are a few other little fun rides, and a walk through type ride with wobbly stairs and things, and a few video game amusements.

    And here is the last photo I have, of the midway games.

    I don't know why I didn't get any shots of the Wild Mouse... but it's a fun little coaster that has been there since 1962 (and unfortunately, the only coaster left in New South Wales)... it's obviously a Wild Mouse style coaster... and it's pretty great!

    There used to be a great wooden rollercoaster called the big dipper which was dismantled in 1981. A second (steel) big dipper was built in 1994 but removed because of noise complaints a year later. This was relocated in 2001 to Dreamworld on the gold coast.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my trip around Luna Park... it's a very nicely kept park and very clean. It works on a wrist band system... you pay for a certain amount of rides (or an unlimited pass) but entry into the park is free. Friday nights is half price so you pay $20 I think and get unlimited rides... and a great night out!

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    Re: Luna Park Sydney at night

    great report. Thanks for sharing it


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      Re: Luna Park Sydney at night

      I wish I had more photos of the midway and of all the park buildings lit up... I'll have to do a better trip report when I get back home!


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        Re: Luna Park Sydney at night

        Nice report!
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