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Sally Corp has there own YouTube channel


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  • Sally Corp has there own YouTube channel

    Sally Corp, one of the biggest independent companies creating dark rides today has there own YouTube channel. YouTube - SallyCorp's Channel Hopefully they will keep posting samples of their work including ones that are now defunct.

    Here is a recent project for them.

    [ame=]YouTube - "The Last Minute" Dark Ride[/ame]
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    Re: Sally Corp has there own YouTube channel

    neat. Thanks for posting.


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      Re: Sally Corp has there own YouTube channel

      That's a really nice looking dark ride. I'm assuming it's for a park in a Spanish speaking country, anyone know where? Knott's should hire Sally to do a dark ride for them, they sure could use one.


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        Re: Sally Corp has there own YouTube channel

        I was just on their youtube channel and saw the video they have Nights in White Satin that was at Hard Rock park... Seriously... everyone talks about Knotts missing a dark ride... That is seriously the type of dark ride for some place like Knotts to put in the old Kingdom of the Dinosaurs/Beary Tales building... seriously the video of the Nights in White Satin ride looks amazing... Its so sad to hear its only lasted one season.

        The main reason Knotts should put in a dark ride like this... all those trippy and intense 3D lighting and illusion effects can be used in the haunt season to add some live scare actors, amp the ride up to creepier, and just switch the music to something eerier to give a new ride through maze for Haunt! Not to mention, think of how amazing a 3D illusion ride would be year round [something Disney doesnt directly have as far as competition as Disney dark rides are more story based], and then think of what a little bit of lighting and music changes could do during Haunt season to give an intense 3D haunt experience.

        [ame=""]YouTube - Nights in White Satin-The Trip[/ame]
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          Re: Sally Corp has there own YouTube channel

          you can also sense the girl saying 'wth' most of the ride
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