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Photo TR: Legoland CA 7/24/09


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  • Trip Report Photo TR: Legoland CA 7/24/09

    So with my last visit to Sea World having been in 2004 and never having been to Legoland before, it was time to make a return south with the family. We took 2 days to do Sea World and 1 day to do Legoland. All 3 days we went opening to closing, with afternoon breaks from Sea World, but oddly enough, not from Legoland. In fact, our day at LegoLand was almost the complete reverse of everything I've ever read about the place. It was my first time, so I was expecting a fairly lame park with nowhere close to enough to make a full day, rude & shovey people everywhere, subpar attractions, and less-than-inspiring Lego sets everywhere. What I found was none of that.

    So while the 2 days at Sea World make up the bulk of pictures taken, I wanted to do a LegoLand-exclusive TR just to show that this park can actually be fun even to someone who never played with Legos before. Not only that, but we didn't even get to do everything the park had to offer. So much for Legoland not being a full day park. I'll post pics from Sea World later on in its forum here. For now, enjoy LegoLand pics!

    Welcome to LegoLand where Volvos are so special that Volvo cars pay the same standard parking rate as everyone else, but enjoy these cool "Volvo only" spaces.

    Hey, does anybody know what park I'm at?


    Six Flags Magic Mountain?

    Universal Studios?

    Pleasure Island?


    Downtown Disney?

    Oh, LegoLand, right. Well the place has some references to other parks, what else is around here?

    This somehow acts as LegoLand's 2nd gate while being about 1/50th the size of LegoLand. We passed.

    Want to visit LegoLand for life? Only $2,000! The fact that this was even listed on the price board at the ticket counters cracked me up.

    Entrance gates...not nearly as colorful as the ticket booths...

    Inside the park there's a rrrrreally big shhhop...

    Of course nearby is a place where guests can see a rrrrreally big shhhooow.

    ACErs welcome!

    Here's a place where kids can build their own Lego cars, and then go race them against other kids' creations on pinewood derby-style tracks provided by the park. Lots of fun for Lego-minded kids in the mood for a little competition.

    Over here, kids can learn how to build bigger & better Lego creations.

    Nearby under Lego T-Rex is [s]Innoventions[/s] a place to play X-box indoors. Think Innoventions without having to wait for the video/house presentation.

    Here's AquaZone - not quite as randomly fun as Aquatopia but has some zip.

    Circular motion + water + free water bombs = Rather fun, actually.

    "Cargo Ace" or "Dry Cleaners Rack: The Ride"?

    Well... you decide.

    Yeah it's a slide, but it's a slide with a theme!!11!11!!!111!1

    In the laser gun spirit of Ghost Hunters @ SCBB and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters @ Disneyland. Fun ride & as re-rideable as any other ride with multiple targets to seek out.

    "I think I see some Legos over there!"

    More theme this way!

    Lots of themery 'round these parts! It's not on the level of Disney, but they make a good attempt.

    You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be a credit!

    Boarding area for not-Dueling Dragons. Just one single Dragon here.

    Since the dragon is made of legos, not so much zoom here...

    The Dragon is kind of an odd hybrid of dark ride & coaster. First half is a dark ride with lego audio-animatronics. Secomd half is credit. Here's where the train enters the dark ride portion beyond which no cameras were allowed.

    Outside of the ride in the gift shop there's these. Of course all the girls of the land carried one of these. Didn't you know?

    Elsewhere in this area is this...

    Hey how did the knight learn how to be a knight if he was busy fighting dragons all day? Because he went to KNIGHT SCHOOL!!! LOL!

    One ride can have 5 different versions? BWAA???

    Well it's easy to have 5 different versions when you're the amazing KUKA ARM!

    Properly translated, "Kuka" means "Nerdus Orgasmus"

    If you didn't ride this last Friday, your Friday sucked.

    Somehow, someway, LegoLand has managed to obtain SIX KUKA ARMS!!! Are you listening Disney Quest?? SIX!

    You've seen the pictures, now see the video. Here's a video of myself rocking out on the awesome Kuka Arm:
    [ame=]YouTube - LegoLand CA 2009: Matt rides the Kuka Robotic Arm![/ame]

    Alright so a wild mouse coaster isn't nearly as cool as the Kuka Arm, but it is a credit, and a headliner attraction at LegoLand.

    Many of us are so spoiled that it's easy to just brush off a wild mouse, but this one is pretty fun.

    Instead of a randomly themed car, or mouse, your car here is a Lego Racer.

    It's almost as if Test Track & Mulholland Madness had a secret lovechild & hid it away in Carlsbad...

    The wild mouse is known for its twisty-ness, and this one does not disappoint there. Yes it's *just* a wild mouse, but it's fun, and it's a credit. So there.

    Get your Adult Pasta at LegoLand!

    Next up, the last credit available.

    I'm still looking for the positive on this one. For now, it's a credit.

    It is a credit, but I'm pretty sure I've ridden on faster parking lot trams...

    Come on, be honest now. You played with these too.

    LegoLand sports a couple water play areas. Here's one...

    Here's a fountain with lego musical instruments for the kids.

    Are we having fun yet?

    FunTown sports dual driving schools. One for little ones and the other for little ones with an allowance...

    The cars are done up to resemble being made out of Legos. Not a huge shock there.

    The school for little ones isn't too complicated, even though the idea is to obey the rules of the road in terms of driving on the right side, obeying red/green lights, etc.

    Small mailmen with an allowance drive on a larger track area complete with lights, stripes, and stop signs.

    Looks like the kids here in SoCal have taken their parents' driving example to heart...

    Yep. Nice to know things on SoCal's roads & freeways won't be changing much any time soon...

    Ever wonder why teens' auto insurance is so high? Yep...

    One of these days, Alice. ONE OF THESE DAYS!!

    So I'm not such a big fan of this. Yes I get why on paper this might seem like a good idea, but really, kids and parents can wait their turns together in line, can't they?

    Whatever floats your lego boat...

    Row, row, row your Lego boat, after you've waited 90mins to do it...

    One of these days, Alice. ONE OF THESE DAYS!!

    So I'm not such a big fan of this. Yes I get why on paper this might seem like a good idea, but really, kids and parents can wait their turns together in line, can't they?

    Whatever floats your lego boat...

    Row, row, row your Lego boat, after you've waited 90mins to do it...

    The back of the park is where Pirates rule the land...

    Funny. I always thought Captain Cranky's Challenge was not smashing the alarm clock into pieces each morning. Turns out it's a boat ride. Huh.

    Yep. Teeter-totter boat ride. Who knew?

    The big weenie in this neck of the woods...

    Splash Battle is basically what it sounds like. 4-person cars go around this track with a water cannon mounted in front of each seat. Splash or be splashed, but be warned. The scallywags watching from afar have cannons of their own.

    Pirate Shores also features a water playground that a few kids decided was a good idea today.

    Oh by the way, this being LegoLand and all, there are a few Lego sculptures here in "Miniland U.S.A." First up is New York City. Notice how the people on the right give these some scale.


    This area felt like visiting several Germany Pavilion train sets...

    OMG! Giants have invaded Las Vegas!

    Joking aside, these sculptures are pretty impressive to look at

    What I enjoyed seeing the most was the detail that the creators tried to put into these things. Details such as working marquees for the different casinos.

    Lego facsimile of Las Vegas facsimile of New York sans Manhurtin' Express

    Their Treasure Island even has the GOOD pirate ship show out front. The one they had before they ruined it.

    Mark VIII Monorail: Lego Edition.

    Here's New Orleans complete with water, boats, n' things...

    Mini-Washington Mall has a ton of buildings all highly detailed.

    Ok. Am I totally insane, or is Obama's inaguration here on the WRONG SIDE of the Capitol building?!

    Mall set comes complete with all the different museums including the Smithsonean here.

    If walking's not really your thing, ride the Coast Cruise for a scenic view of Miniland.

    Thousands of Lego bricks make up the Sydney Opera House here. Not pictured is the Barber of Seville heard as the boat passes, which is a nice little touch.

    Lego Taj Mahal where we all meet their tomb.

    Not sure if Eiffel had Legos in mind, but there ya go.

    Lego Mt. Rushmore is interesting...

    Can you tell which part of this is made of Legos and which isn't?

    I'll have San Francisco on the rocks please.

    The view of NYC from the water is pretty nice, actually.

    The building on the left is the new Freedom Tower that will eventually be built on the former World Trade Center site in New York. When completed, the real thing will stand 1,776ft. tall. Here Legos can give us a glimpse of what the NYC skyline will look like.

    Well that about covers it from LegoLand. Nothing real overwhelming in terms of thrills but can be a very fun place for all ages, especially those Lego maniacs on both sides of the ability to grow facial hair. Don't come here to escape death. Come here to have fun, relax, and go Lego crazy.

    Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for Sea World pictures coming up soon!

    Well that about covers it from LegoLand. Nothing real overwhelming in terms of thrills but can be a very fun place for all ages, especially those Lego maniacs on both sides of the ability to grow facial hair. Don't come here to escape death. Come here to have fun, relax, and go Lego crazy.

    Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for Sea World pictures coming up soon!

    "Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom." -- James 3:13

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    Re: Photo TR: Legoland CA 7/24/09

    Great report, I think I'll have to take the kids there soon.


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      Re: Photo TR: Legoland CA 7/24/09

      What exactly do you mean by 'credits'?


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        Re: Photo TR: Legoland CA 7/24/09

        Great pictures! I have never been to Lego Land, it was great to see photos!
        Check out my page at

        Check out my pin collection at User name is WheresMickey


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          Re: Photo TR: Legoland CA 7/24/09

          Nice photos! I was just reading the thread on the Harry Potter ride in Orlando and that will be based on the Kuka arm, and it made me think of Legoland. They have added some things since I was there last (3 years ago?), and I was wondering if it would be worth going back. For now, I think the answer is In any case, you are right about the inauguration. Since Reagan, inaugurations have been on the West (Mall) side of the Capitol. And, the coaster and monorail are missing from Vegas, so, I guess they are accurate, to a point.

          Oh, and these kids weren't even TEXTING! Imagine!


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            Re: Photo TR: Legoland CA 7/24/09

            Nice report.

            Wow, they've added a lot at Legoland since I last brought my family there. I didn't know what to expect when I first went to Legoland. As a lifelong Disney theme park fanatic I realized I had to check all that at the door (at the turnstiles?) when I went to Legoland. I have to admit I was very pleasantly surprised by the place. Being a parent, what impressed me the most was that when the occupancy of the park hit a certain threshold they closed the gates and started turning people away so as not to overcrowd the park and make the wait in line for any particular attraction unbaearable for toddlers. Not sure if they still do that, but we truly appreciated it when we went. Never stood longer that 15 minutes in line for a ride.

            Legoland has a lot of charm and character. And it's a very relaxing experience. I'm not so certain that my kids would enjoy the place as much now that they are a bit older (13 and 9), but if the next time we're visiting my wife's relatives in that area and I say, "Let's go to Legoland," they aren't going to say no.

            Great photos and funny commentary. Thanks for the trip report. I think I need to take the family back there sometime soon.


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