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Pacific Pinball coming soon!


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  • Pacific Pinball coming soon!

    I was not sure where exactly to post this, but I figured other parks/places may be ok. (if not feel free to move to appropriate forum)

    Anyways, I am a pinhead, and I know there are a few others here too. Well from 10/2-10/4, the annual pacific pinball Expo is going on in Northern Ca!

    I will be attending, and will do my best to get some good pictures, but I wanted to put the word out here too in case anybody would like to attend but did not know about it.

    Last year there was over 350 working pinball machines, and this year I believe there is supposed to be over 400. (Including several custom built models, like the invisible machine, or a custom-built Metallica machine)

    More info is available at their website. (is that ok to post here?)

    Pacific Pinball Museum

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    Re: Pacific Pinball coming soon!

    Perfect place to post it Brian. I'd love to see picture, old and new pinball machines are amazing.


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